Stella & Dot Style

Let’s talk jewelry shall we. Stella & Dot is a company that sells accessories jewelry, handbags, wallets, and scarves to name a few items you can purchase. 
Now I will say at first look I thought it was expensive, and it is. Hence the reason why the husband gets sent a wishlist with items I want and it makes his Valentine’s, Christmas, Anniversary, or Birthday gift giving easy. My first pieces I got from Stella & Dot are still some of my favorites and wear them often. 


This engravable bracelet is awesome and also comes in a gold version which I would love to get at some point. My bracelet which I’m currently not near or if post a picture of it has the coordinates of the Eiffel Tower, which is where the husband and I got engaged. The possibilities are endless for what memory you can put on these bracelets.  

This necklace also comes in a gold version. The necklace sells for $79 which I’m sure you’re thinking is a lot. But, when you think about it it’s not really that expensive as I can wear it 3 different ways. Create the layering look by wearing both necklaces or you can creat a second and third look by simply wearing one of the necklaces. You can create further looks by pairing either of the necklaces with another necklace you may already have or another item from Stella & Dot. 
This is one of Stella & Dot’s Tassel Necklaces, which by the way are currently on sale for Black Friday, can create 2 different looks. The tassel removed from the beaded chain to create 2 different styles. This necklace comes in 3 choices gold, silver, and azure. I’m in love with the azure and may have to pick it up while it’s on sale. 
And, you know that saying you get what you pay for. I can’t tell you how true that is. You can pick up a knockoff/copycat version of many Stella & Dot products at the many accessory stores out there. Here’s an example of one that is similar to the Tassel necklace.   

You can tell by looking at it that the quality is nothing compared to that of the Stella & Dot and the tassel is not removable on this. You may think what’s the big deal I’ll just buy a separate strand of beads. Well yeah you could but now you have more accessories to store and say you’re traveling the fewer items you need to bring and the more versatile each item is the better. Especially when you need to pay for those suitcases to fly with you and you have weight limits to stick to.
My all time favorite necklace from Stella & Dot is the Rebel. I wear this necklace all of the time. It comes in 3 finishes silver, gold, and rose gold. I have it in rose gold, and may have to add a gold one sometime in the future.  

Can you guess which of the above 2 necklaces is Stella & Dot and which is the knockoff/copycat?

And, let’s talk scarves. They are amazing. These are lightweight and so soft they help to enhance and accentuate your outfits. I love them.  

And, let’s talk about packaging. They are amazing there is no reason to even wrap the items if you’re giving them as a gift if you don’t want to.  

Hint for all the men out there, wrapping is done when you buy Stella & Dot. 

Okay so it’s a bit more pricing then hitting the accessory store in the mall, but that’s why you take advantage of their promotions. And, right now is the time to get the goods. They are currently running a promo called Dot Dollars for every $50 spent until December 15 you will get $25 Dot Dollars that can be redeemed starting December 29th so you can further accessorize any new clothes, handbags, and shows you got over the holidays. That sounds pretty awesome, but wait there is more going on. They’ve started their Black Friday sale already and there are items that are on sale big time.  

 Looking for some gift ideas here are just 2 ideas: 

Oh, but we aren’t done yet people when you attend a trunk show either in person or online you’re eligible to take advantage of the trunk show exclusive deals. When you spend $50 you can items that are trunk show deals for 50% off.   

 yes, it’s more expensive than the stores in the mall, but again you get what you pay for, but if you take advantage of their promos you actually are making out really well. 
So check out Stella & Dot and find gifts for those women in your life. Sisters, moms, aunts, best friends, wives, girlfriends, they all need a little accessory in their life.