Dirty Dozen

Today is Day 12, I’ve been Whole 30 for a dozen days! I’m impressed with that. Every day is a little easier.
Today’s breakfast was sausage and eggs. And, don’t mean to toot my own horn, but TOOOOOTTTTTT!!!!!!! I nailed the egg rounds today. Instead of reheating the sausage in the frying pan I just warmed it up in the microwave which meant that nothing had been cooked in the frying pan when I put the eggs in, and well that’s the trick. The eggs came out awesome, and the next time I make these I’ll actually be able to eat it as a muffin. I’m pretty excited about that.
A had Mexican Chicken soup with avocado and fresh cilantro for lunch with an apple. I decided to have this for lunch instead of dinner today since I’m nannying this evening and my lunch I had planned is much easier to travel with and can be munched on a lot easier than eating a bowl of soup.
Dinner is turkey roll ups with spinach and avocado and a side of melon. Much easier to transport than soup.
Zumba class was awesome. I had a great time broke a sweat and burned some calories. We did some new routines and even did some routines that we hadn’t done in a while. I like that because doing the same routines over and over can get quite boring.
I also did all of the grocery shopping for next week so I’m ready to start making some yummy meals.
Happy Friday!
And, here’s your food picture: