A Baker’s Dozen & A Whole Lot Of Adjustments To The Plan

Day 13 and I’m spending the day at Busch Gardens Christmas Town!
My meals are a little crazy today since I’m at a theme park, but I’ve kept it Whole 30. Which, score for me. Because, I really want a cup of hot cocoa. It smells wonderful, but not enough to make me lose the progress I’ve made.
Breakfast was breakfast casserole with some extra sausage since I knew I’d be hurting for protein later on in the day.

For lunch since we were on the road I had grilled chicken. I also packed an orange to accompany lunch. Along with this I packed Monkey Salad. Cashews, coconut, and almonds, since a cut up banana isn’t easy to eat on the move.
For dinner I had a nice big salad of mixed greens. I also had some steamed veggies.
So my meals are a bit different, but they worked and I planned ahead and came up with a plan and have stuck to it.
We are walking around the theme park burning some calories and enjoying the lights.
Happy Saturday.


Week 3 Done

Today I finished up week 3 of Gamma Phase, and being that Gamma Phase is only 4 weeks instead of 5 I’ve got 1 week left. All I have to say is thank goodness. My arms, butt, and legs are feeling this.
After I finish this cycle I’m going to be rotating the cardio videos for a few weeks. Since my husband comes home, we pack up our house, drive cross country and move ourselves into a new home. Things will be busy busy here and I feel that starting over May not be fit in as well as just sticking to the cardio.
However, after getting settled in our new home I’ll be starting back at Alpha Phase and I’m hoping to see some major improvements and hope to not be modifying the workouts as much.
I may curse you Shaun T but I really do love your workouts.

Planning Ahead

This week has a true challenge ahead, not just for me but anyone on weight loss/healthier self journey.  It’s called Thanksgiving, or overindulged till you can’t move and then do it again.  I’m currently trying to plan what I will be eating on this day where we eat way to much, and consume more calories in a day then we normally do all week.

I’ve been doing pretty good with creating a plan, and then sticking to it.  So, I think that is what I will be doing for Thanksgiving this year.  I don’t know what foods will be there other than the ones that I will be bringing.  I’m going over to a friend’s house, as the husband is away for work.  I know there will be turkey, which I won’t eat, vegetarian up in this place.  There also will be a Tofurky, due to vegans joining the party.  Vegans sweet I might be able to eat some food, oh wait throw in no gluten, and I may be in trouble again.  I’m not even sure I can have Tofurky I’ll have to look that up, I’m not sure if that contains gluten or not.

So after being invited to Thanksgiving dinner at the Wolfpack house, I immediately went on over to my friend Pinterest and found 3 recipes that I can make gluten-free and vegan.  Score!  I’ll be making a cornbread stuffing, since I love stuffing and will want to devour some, a sweet potato casserole, because who doesn’t love that, and an apple crisp.  I’ll be making those 3 dishes to bring with me, ensuring that not only do I get to eat some of my favorite foods, but there will be something for the vegans as well.  I’m sure that there will be other side dishes that I can eat as well.

But, with the thought of all of the food that will be available for the eating, I’m not going to lie, I’m a little freaked out about it.  I mean I’ve been doing awesome with my food choices and not overindulging, I’m just hoping I can keep it up.  That’s why I am going to make a plan, I know that I will eat the foods that I am bringing and then will budget in calories for other items that may be offered that are something that I can eat.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to stick to the plan, stay within my food goals, and if not well Friday will be another day.

Plus, I’m preparing myself I have 3 more days till the event so I think I can get myself mentally prepared for the day by then.

How about you, how are you planning to avoid the overindulgence that is the holiday and stick with your goals?

Making A Plan And Sticking To It

Today, and tomorrow for that matter were my first real challenge to sticking to my plan. Today and tomorrow I will be in the car for 5 hours, which isn’t to great for getting my daily steps in or my workouts.

Knowing this would be the case, I set my alarm for earlier this morning then I had to get up so that I could get my run workout it.  After completing that I decided to forgo my half hour of yoga to do another 20 minutes on the treadmill, working towards my daily steps. My thought was this, that I can do a yoga session in the hotel before going to bed easier than I can get 2 miles of walking in.

And, well this plan worked perfectly for me. I actually was able to reach my step goal before even getting in the car for the 5 hour drive. Success! While making the drive I charged my Fitbit since it was getting in need of a charge, and well I wasn’t moving.  I’m not going to lie I kinda freak out when it’s time to charge the Fitbit, I really like tracking my activity and when it’s not on I feel almost naked. Anyway, the Fitbit charged I drove 5 hours, and after meeting up with friends for dinner, I came back to the hotel and busted out a 20 minute yoga session. So today, my friends was a success. I had a plan and I stuck with it. And, really it wasn’t that hard to do so, just a little commitment from myself and I was able to achieve my goals for the day.

Tomorrow, will be a little tougher, but again I have a plan, and that plan is to do my 5 hour drive, and once reaching my destination, I plan on doing an hour of Zumba followed up with some treadmill time. I’ve got the plan, now I just need to stick to it.

How about you, do you find it easier to stick to your routine if you make a plan beforehand?