Three Days A Month This Is Going To Be A Real Challenge

Yesterday I posted about how I was really dragging butt, well today was better in that I’ve been pretty active and have already exceeded my daily step goal. Although, I’m still feeling a bit blah.

Warning, to any guys reading this post, I’m going to be talking about woman stuff, feel free to stop reading. I had a pretty good feeling that my dragging feeling was due to my impending monthly visitor, and well wouldn’t you know I was right. usually, when the dreaded monthly visitor comes to visit I just feel exhausted and this month hasn’t been any different. Although, this month instead of curling up under the covers and telling everyone to go away, I have stuck with my daily plan and have reached my daily goals. Also, which is a huge thing for me, I haven’t really craved the sweets, everything salty, and anything crunchy.  So, that in itself is a big plus. I’m usually searching for anything junk food related to cram down my throat. Now, I’ll admit I’ve had a few pieces of leftover Halloween candy. I saved a bunch of the mini 3 Musketeers, you know the ones, one bite and they are gone. I’m pleasantly shocked that just that small taste has been enough for me, I’m more of a hand me the King Size, and No! I’m not sharing.

I’m happy with the changes I’ve been making in my life, and am loving that choices are becoming easier and easier to make. Somethings aren’t even things I need to think about anymore it’s becoming natural for me.

I’ve made it through the first month’s visitor, and came out pretty much unscathed. Just feeling a bit blah and dragging, but I’ve been able to push through it and reach the goals I set for myself daily. I know that throughout this journey that I am going to face many challenges and it’s all about how I choose to face them.  I will succeed at this, because it’s something I believe in, and want.