The weather here in my neck of the woods Virginia it has been raining cats and dogs.

It has been dreary and miserable the last two days and will continue through tomorrow. 

Well let’s just say the rainy weather is not very good for my motivation. As in my house is a mess, my laundry is overflowing, and I’m making a dent in my couch. 

I will say that I’ve put a serious dent in my book I’ve been reading. I also managed to get some studying for my class done. 4 chapters worth of terms and notes all typed up and ready to be printed out. 

I’ve been eating like crap the last couple of days and not exercising at all and being a complete couch potato. All really bad things. I need to get myself out of this funk and get myself moving. 

I really need to go back to my fitness classes however with my night classes and kickball league it makes it nearly impossible to attend them. 

Monday night we do have a double header so I’ll get some activity in then, and I’m thinking Wednesday I’ll hit up my zumba and yoga class. I’ll drag the hubby along with me, he’ll hit the gym doing some lifting and cardio while I attend classes. 

I definitely need to do something. 

I have plenty of workout programs I can do at home between BeachBody, The Pound, KettleWorx, Moov, Couch25K, Walk at Home, so really I have no excuse to not work out. I need to schedule it in my day again and just make it a part of my day again. 

It’s that whole getting started thing that’s the problem once I start I have no problem keeping at it its just that getting started thing. 

Ah motivation you are lacking again. Where are you my old friend?

A Little Of This & A Little Of That

Today started off pretty awesome. I got up early did my 15 minute Workout #3 for the FitIn15 challenge I’m doing.
Let me tell you Jessica Smith gets you working. In just 15 minutes she gets your heart rate up and some sweat flowing. Plus, she gives you so many modifications that anyone can do it, from beginner to advanced it’s all there for everyone. So, anyway in just 15 minutes she had my heart rate up in the 150’s which hey that’s pretty awesome.
I finished up the workout and had some breakfast. My cup of tea, which after doing a Whole 30 I don’t even think about adding any sort of sweetener to anymore. It tastes just fine without the honey or stevia or whatever else I may have been using to sweeten my tea. So another big thank you to Whole 30 for changing something so small in my life, but making a huge impact. Ok, so I had my tea some turkey breakfast sausage, and on a side note I picked up a different brand of turkey breakfast sausage today to try and see if I like it better once this sausage is gone. I paired my sausage with my scone clone and enjoyed every bite.
I headed off to the gym for Piloxing. And, was super excited to try out my new Nike Studio Wraps that I got right after Christmas. But, alas it was not to be as the instructor never showed up. Which kind of ticked me off, okay not kind of it really ticked me off. Because, now I was left with an hour and a half of time to kill before my Zumba class started. I made the most of it and hopped on the treadmill and did 30 minutes. I will definitely be packing my Moov and headphones from now on, so that if this happens again I can do my Moov training and have some tunes to listen to while I walk to nowhere.
But, hey I made due with the situation and kept that workout appointment I had made with myself. So, I’m still winning.
Zumba class was great and I worked up a real sweat and moved a lot. I was shaking my groove thing. LOL. We learned a new routine today as well. It was pretty cool I will definitely need to work on a couple of the steps but hey that’s okay, I do go to the class 3 times a week so I will definitely pick it up.
After class it was off to pick up groceries. I got the groceries and even got to meet up with the hubby for lunch.
So, my meal plan wasn’t really changed it just went from eating deli chicken breast with lettuce and fresh fruit to eating grilled chicken with lettuce tomato and fresh fruit from one of our favorite little bistros in town. It was nice to have lunch with the hubby and spend a half hour just chatting.
Now I’m home taking care of some household chores. Namely laundry, lots of laundry and dishes. Thankfully not as many of them as there are loads of laundry. Having another person home has definitely increased my laundry issue. Did I mention I hate laundry.
Happy Friday! And, make the most out of any situation.

New Fitness Gadget

I found another kickstarter for a fitness gadget. And, well I’m all about the fitness gadgets. I’m currently wearing 2. I still wear my Fitbit flex and now I’m wearing my LifeTrack Brite. I’m hoping that LifeTrak will start to sync with rewards programs so that I can ditch the Fitbit, but until they do I’ll keep wearing it. I like getting rewards for stuff that I’m already doing. Cash, gift cards, and cool new products all of them are awesome, and I’m already doing these healthy things and habits so it’s nice to get rewarded for that.
The last kickstarter I did for a fitness gadget is something that I absolutely love. The day they started their crowd sourcing I had signed up for Moov. It is awesome. Works to train you better. I love Moov. I have used their boxing app, which let me tell you after just a few minutes I’m sweating buckets, and my heart is pumping. I also use the walk/run app. This app is great for working on your cadence, your speed, and improve your overall form. I love seeing my results instantly and how I’m doing. Plus it keeps me at the same pace throughout my run, which is nice. They also have an app for swimming, which I haven’t tried yet. And, they are working on a body weight one next, which I’m excited to try out once it’s released.
I learned about a new fitness gadget and it’s kickstarter campaign yesterday, and well I bought in. It’s another fitness tracker. It records all of the stuff most trackers record steps, miles, calories burned, etc. It also records your heart rate 24 hours a day. It is basically a bandaid type device. It sticks on your side looks kind of like a bandaid and lasts for 7 days. It has wireless charging and looks pretty cool. I’m excited to try it out. Of course it won’t ship till June, but that’s okay I can wait till then. Here’s a write up of the device. And, if you want in on the product you can just click right here and get yourself one too.
I’m such a fitness gadget junkie. It’s become a bit of an obsession of mine. But, hey it keeps me motivated to keep moving and going so I’ll take it.

Got To Get Yourself These Things

A while back there was a kickstarted type campaign for these fitness gadgets. I watched the video, read some early reviews about them, and jumped on the chance to own them. I was able to get 2 for what the price of 1 is eventually going to be. Of course I had to wait several months for them to come as they were being refined, fine tuned, and built. Let me tell you it was completely worth the wait.
These little devices aren’t worn all day like a Fitbit or jawbone up, or any other fitness tracker. These devices are worn while working out for a specific thing. It’s linked to your phone via an app. Right now the apps, more on the plural of app in a bit, are only available on the iPhone but by December they are supposed to be available on Android.

This is what the device looks like. It’s called Moov. I choose to get one in each color when I ordered.
The way they work is you wear them on your wrist, ankle, and with later apps they may be used elsewhere.
When my Moovs arrived the only available app was for running. Great, the Moov tracks your movement and gives you realtime feedback about your form as well as keeping you on pace. I really haven’t used the run app much lately as my Moovs arrived right before moving and now that I am here I’ve been attending a lot of fitness classes and not really doing a lot of run training. Which, I need to get back into. Anyway, I tried it out and liked the feedback I was given and the overall user friendly nature of the app. I found wearing the Moov around my ankle, which is where you wear it for running was comfortable, which at first I wasn’t so sure of.
The Moov comes with both a ankle bracelet and a wrist bracelet. Along with this you get a charging cable and the little dock thing to charge the device on. Really simple to use and set up, when first starting the app it walks you through the setup which I think it took me all of 10 seconds to setup.
Just a few days ago The people at Moov released their newest app. The boxing app. They recommend using 2 Moovs for this exercise so that they can get a better idea of both arms working. I tried it out today, and ended up doing 10 rounds on the light level. As in, I’m not a boxer and let me get used to this. Let me tell you Holy Moly I was sweating up a storm by the time I was done. Also, let me tell you I had a ton of fun doing it. I wasn’t even aware of the fact that I just boxed for 20 minutes. After completing your workout they give you a whole breakdown of your results.



These are my results from today’s boxing adventure. As I do the workout more and more the hope is to see improvement. Let’s just say today I was breaking a serious sweat and doing some huffing and puffing. So, I’m excited to try it again and see how long it takes me to improve.
Sometime this month the people at Moov will be releasing their third app which is the swimming app. I probably won’t use that one as I don’t swim in a pool very often, and I’m not sure how it works being that you won’t have your phone in the water with you. So, in not sure how the feedback portion would work, you’d have to get it after your workout instead of while doing it as is the case with the other apps. November is the release of cycling, which again is probably not one I’ll use. And, December will bring Body Weight, which I’m excited about. I’ll definitely be using that one.
I can’t wait to see what else is going to come. During their first preorder push they were also showing things with golf and yoga. Well, all I can say is I hope that the yoga one really does happen, being that I’m becoming a true lover of yoga.
So, seriously check these guys out they are amazing and I love them. I like to get to see what I’m doing and the feedback is great. With each round of the boxing I did I was definitely listening to and making adjustments from the feedback given.
If you want to learn more about Moov check them out here
Thanks Moov, I think I’ll be adding boxing to my workout regimen.