Rain Rain Go Away

My street or should I say my river I now live on. 

New waterfront property 

My driveway and front yard

This raise in water was just in 20 minutes

In rain or shine  
Our cross street or should we say river  

Impending Snow!!!!

The last 3 winters I spent in Wyoming. Well it’s Wyoming what do you think those winters were like. I’ll tell you cold, windy, and full of snow, lots and lots of snow.
Last year it started snowing in September and didn’t end until June. There was lots of snow and I spent a lot of days using the snow blower and shoveling, along with a lot of cursing Mother Nature.
This winter living in VA has been great. I think there has been 2 maybe 3 times where there has been a little snow on my car and by little I mean less than an inch.
However, that little amount of snow doesn’t seem to deter the place from going into complete panic mode. And, well we have Winter Storm Octavia barreling down on us, and by barreling down I mean we may get up to 4 inches of snow. Holy Cow 4 inches of snow!!!!! However, will we cope with it. I mean literally that is the response with this storm. The governor has declared a state of emergency, schools are cancelled for tomorrow, I actually got an email from one of the doctor’s office saying they were closing tomorrow and if the roads weren’t cleared by Wednesday they’d close than too. The television has been setting off the emergency alert and flashing all day with the storm warning and my phone has been buzzing with storm updates. The news stations are on full blown storm tracking updating and setting things abuzz. Talking with VDOT and how they are preparing to deal with this storm. The power company and how they are working to make sure customers don’t lose power and volunteer organizations and all of the shelters that are set up. Okay, we do realize they said inches not feet right.
I’ve been shaking my head all day going is this sh*t for real. Apparently it is and I feel bad for these people and thankful that they don’t live in the Boston area right now because those poor guys have been getting hammered. And, I’m sure all of those New Englanders are probably laughing and shaking their heads at these crazy people here in VA that are loosing their minds over the possibility of up to 4 inches of snow.
Although, my husband got a bit worked up this morning. He was all I got to go find the shovels and make sure we know where they are. Uhmmmm dear you do realize they said 4 inches right. I can assure you if he wasn’t home I str wouldn’t know where the shovels are and nor would I care because 4 inches of snow doesn’t warrant my time to even think about shoveling. That barely registers on my I guess I should at least brush the hood of my car off before I drive amount of snow. But, hey if we get snow we’ve got the shovels ready.
Bring it Winter Storm Octavia.

Ughhhh Wyoming You Suck!

So Mother Nature has been a real witch! It’s been snowing, raining, windy, and cold here for the past several days. And, well weather like that does nothing for my motivation to be active especially after being so nice the previous week.
I have found myself trying to get my steps in later and later. Can you say laps around Walmart at 10pm have become my way to get my daily steps in.
I’m hoping Mother Nature gets her sh*t together soon because I’m miserable.

I Knew There Was A Reason I Don’t Fly During The Winter

Today, it’s finally arrived. I left my house in Wyoming to make the drive to Denver to spend the night at a hotel so I could catch my early morning flight tomorrow. I checked my flight status before I left the house, and everything looked good. HA!

As, I’m a good 3 hours into my trip, my phone rings a. 800#, this can’t be good. And, well I’m right they’ve cancelled my flight. I’m then put on hold for nearly an hour. What do I do, do I keep driving, pull over, turn around and go back home? Finally, when someone gets to my call, they tell me we can get you to NY on Sunday. Well great, but I need to be there before Sunday. I ask them to try any airline and give them 8 airports to try. The best they can do is get me to Buffalo, NY late Saturday night. Uhmmmm, yeah that’s not going to work, because I’m then 7 hours from where I need to be. I tell them cancel me and refund my money.

I figure I’m only a little over an hour from Denver I might as well keep going, and I’ll go to the airline counters myself if I have to. Or, I just won’t go to NY period, if I can’t get there in time for the wedding, there really is no sense in spending all of the money to go.

I call the husband and tell him what’s going on, so he starts looking to see what he can find, and my brother calls me with flight info for JetBlue, and it won’t cost a complete arm and leg to get the ticket. I hand over the credit card info and we’ve booked me a new flight.

The only problem is I have to check out of the hotel by 2 and I don’t fly out until 12:55 am. Oh well, guess I’ll be doing some laps at the airport and hanging in the hotel lobby.

Ah Mother Nature once again you’ve gotten me.

Here’s hoping for no further cancelled flights and only arriving 17 hours later than expected.

Happy travels to anyone else traveling this weekend, especially along the East Coast.

Know What I’m Doing

Guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow morning.

We we were only supposed to get 2 inches.  Well since we had that much within an hour of the snow starting, I guess they were a little off with their calculations. It’ll be interesting to see how much is on the ground when I wake and if it’s something I can do with a shovel or need to use the snowblower. I’m hoping for the shovel. I still have bruises from the last time I had to use the snowblower. The snowblower and I don’t exactly get along.