It’s finally winter here well for today and maybe tomorrow. 

I’ve made myself some hot cocoa and almond butter chocolate bars. 

My hot cocoa recipe is an estimate but if you’d like to give it a whirl here’s the ingredients I use:

Almond milk -as much as you want to drink

Honey- about a tablespoon 

Pure Cocoa Powder -about 2 tablespoons or to your desired taste. 

Whisk over medium heat till combined and heated to desire temperature. 

I added some almond milk caramel pecan creamer to it tonight. It’s delicious. 

The almond butter chocolate bars are actually supposed to be peanut butter chocolate bars, but I don’t eat peanut butter so I subbed the almond butter in. 

The recipe is from My Whole Food Life. I love this blog and I follow them on Facebook. They have so many amazing recipes. This recipe was so easy to make and very tasty. I’ll be making these again. 

You can check out the recipe here.


Some Grrr Moments & Aaahhhhh Moments

Today has been a day of frustration and bliss. Yeah it’s one of those days. 

The Grrrrr moments involved mowing the lawn. I hate doing it and I’m allergic so I break out in hives, itch, get stuffy, and wheezy. So it’s just not fun. But, I got it done. I tamed the jungle that was the yard. Of course it’s hotter than Hades here so I was sweating and feeling exceptionally gross by the end. 

The other Grrrrr moment that really has me on edge is Cize. It’s Shaun T’s new program that is supposed to be released today and well it’s taking forever. Right now you can only buy it with Shakeology, well I don’t drink that nonsense and therefore don’t want to buy it. I just want the program. I called BeachBody they told me it’d be released today just the discs but still hasn’t happened yet. 

I’m sorry but I think if you are going to release something you do it not this ahhhh we will get to it when we get to it. I’m going to try a few more times tonight but if it’s not up I guess I’ll wait a while for it because this is just kind of crappy customer service. 

And, now for the Aaahhhh moment. I found this recipe the other day and decided to try it tonight and OMG I’m so glad I did. 

This was an amazing dish. Zoodles with avocado pesto sauce. Holy Cannoli!!! Yeah it was amazing. I wasn’t sure about it when I started making it I mean what’s pesto without Parmesan cheese, well this one uses nutritional yeast so I can eat it while doing Whole 30 and guess what so delicious. 

I’m seriously fighting the urge to go lick the bowl it’s that good. 

I topped my zoodles with some grilled chicken to complete my meal and I loved every bite of it. I’m thinking that I’ll be eating some leftovers tomorrow for lunch and will be eating it cold because I think it will be pretty tasty as a cold “pasta” salad type dish.

So, click right here to find the recipe and give it a try.