Well That’s A No

Yesterday was another reintroduction day. And, well it didn’t go well. Yesterday, I reintroduced dairy, and as I somewhat suspected it didn’t sit well with me. 

I had a total of 2 servings of dairy throughout the day and at first I thought I was okay, but that changed. I had a dollop of sour cream on a baked potato with my lunch, and I felt fine for quite a while. But, about 3 hours later I got the stomach cramping, bloat feel, and nausea. Ughhhhh!!!! I tried another serving at dinner by eating yogurt and that affected me within 30 minutes of eating it. Same feeling as with the sour cream and also what I experienced with the cheese I ate on Saturday. 

So, dairy is out for me. Well at least cow’s milk is. Which, sucks but is also good. I mean hello ice cream, fro-yo, and cheese are off the table. Oh and milk chocolate. Yikes!!!! I love all of those things. However, I do not love the way I felt and still am feeling today, and also let’s look at the dairy choices I love. I don’t really need to be eating any of those things. 

I will be try some goat cheese when I finish reintroducing everything else, so I’ll know if I can handle other sources of dairy other than cow’s milk. 

I’m both loving and hating this whole reintroduction thing. I love that I’m learning and discovering what my body can and can’t tolerate. However, I’m hating that pretty much anything I’ve reintroduced my body has said yeah don’t eat that. Oh well I’d rather feel good after eating than have stomach discomfort and just feeling like crap. 

Anyone out there find they can’t have cow’s milk but goat or sheep milk is tolerable. Because I’m not going to lie I’d like to have a bit of cheese every once in a while.