I Hate It, But I’m Doing It

Mornings. I really, really, really hate them. I am so far from a morning person it’s not even funny. Seriously, don’t ask me to function before 10am other than breathe and maybe answer a simple yes or no question. I’m just not with it until 10. 

It really is amazing once we get the double digits on the clock I’m golden, I can do differential calculus in my head if need be, okay not really but I can do complicated math and solve complex problems without much effort, but ask me at 9:58 and I’m like, “Are you speaking English?” So yeah, morning person I am not. 

However, today I needed to be in the office earlier than usual, which meant I needed to get up earlier than usual and oh yeah I’m committed to this whole working out and reaching/completing my goals this week, which means I had to get up even earlier. Ughhhhhh!!! Let’s just say I’m not quite a happy camper. As its quarter to 9 and I’m up and somewhat functioning. 

Okay, I’ll be honest as exhausted as I was when I got up earlier than normal I put on my big girl pants and worked out. And, well the workout throughly exhausted me, but in a completely different way. And, well now it’s quarter to 9 and I’m functioning enough to actually write this post, of course later I may read over and say oh yeah not nearly awake enough to be posting on the blog, but anyway I do feel a bit more awake than if I had just gotten up and not worked out. 

Must be those endorphins I hear talked about so much. Waking me up. Of course I may be ready for a nap by noon but it will just be an early to bed type of night. 

The husband will be at a concert tonight and I’ll have the house to myself so, curling up and reading some of my book and then falling asleep watching a movie at 8pm will be perfectly acceptable. 

So yeah, I hate mornings, but I’ve definitely have found over time that working out first thing is the best for me. That way I have no excuses to get in the way and prevent me from doing the workout. Of course when you have to go to work it means getting up that much earlier which I’m not a fan of. Luckily, I have a job where I can set my own schedule for the most part, and make the morning wake up call a bit more reasonable. 

How about you do you find that there is a time that works best for you to get your daily exercise in? What motivates you to keep with it?

Day 2

I survived day 1 and have been sailing through day 2.
Breakfast was not eaten within 30 minutes of waking but within the hour. Which for me that is awesome. Plus breakfast this morning had a lot of prep time.
Lunch was the leftover fish from last night with a sweet potato and blackberries.
Dinner was citrus chicken which was amazing.
I also spent some time today making some staples that I’ll be using throughout the 30 days. I made an olive oil mayo, I’ll let you know how it tastes once I’ve used it. I also made Ghee or clarified butter. It took quite a bit of time but I’m happy I can put some butter on my sweet potato.
Here’s a look at my plates today. I also had some mixed nuts after my Krav Maga class tonight.

I attended my yoga class, which today’s class was a power yoga, and well I was sweating and definitely tired afterwards. We did a lot of warrior and lunge poses which at times irritated the ankle. Once I was able to get into the posture it wasn’t bad it was just the flowing into the posture that caused issues at times.
And, tonight I returned to Krav Maga after a few weeks off to give the ankle and foot some rest. I’m almost wishing I hadn’t. First the class was packed, and two a tyrant was running the class. We did very little sparring it was all military style exercising that was done. I wanted to die. The first 10 minutes of class were jumping jacks followed by a different exercise, then back to jacks. Yeah, the ankle was feeling wonderful. This was followed up by stations where we did more exercises. Push ups I remember lots of push ups. Ughhhhh! Squats with medicine balls, kicks to the pole, more push ups, sit ups, working on knees and elbows to a person on the ground, being tied to a bungee cord and trying to strike a person in front of you, and oh yes let’s not forget about more push ups.
The end of the class we did work on learning to fall and also how to get a person off of you if they have you pinned to the ground. That’s the type of stuff I like and want to learn. And, yes being physically fit helps to be able to do these moves but I definitely didn’t want to be doing all of that today. I left the class dripping in sweat and stinking up the place. I definitely felt absolutely disgusting after the class. So yeah good workout.
Day 2 is done and I’ve survived. Bring on day 3.
I’ve also made myself a little countdown chart so to speak so I can keep track of where I am and well as you’ll see it’s just Post Its counting down from 30.

This was from yesterday.
And, this morning’s looked like this.

So yeah you get the idea.

Today Wasn’t Any Better

So, yeah today not any better than yesterday, actually it was worse. I’ve had a migraine all day and have basically taken on the approach of being curled up under a rock wanting to die.

However, I’ve somehow managed to get myself moving at 8pm and do my workouts. Not nearly what I had planned on doing or at the intensity I had hoped for, but I still got up and did it. There are no excuses. That running for 10 minutes at half a mph faster than my norm didn’t happen today.  It did happen for 5 minutes split into 2 sets, but I did do some running, but that took all I had. Friday, will be a better day.

Along with cutting my run in half, I did do 40 minutes of walking, which nearly killed me today.  I’m just worn out from feeling like garbage today. I also had planned on doing a 45 minute Pilates Barre workout, but I scratched that for a 30 minute workout of the same style that is a bit easier and 15 minutes shorter.

I’m glad I got up and did it, and I even was able to get my 10,000 steps in today. Which is pretty awesome considering I basically got out of bed 2 hours ago, and guess what I’ll be taking my migraine meds and going back to bed as soon as this is posted. I’m hoping tomorrow I wake up feeling better and refreshed I have a lot of things to get done around the house along with some serious working out to do.

No Room For Excuses

My husband is home off the road finally. Not that he will be home for long, but hey a week is better than nothing.

Anyway, I’m with him being home, and trying to get things done around the house my work out schedule has been thrown off a bit.

This morning we had errands to run, and combine that with sleeping a little later than I should have made it impossible for me to get my 90 minutes of working out in. So, I decided that I’d do my 30 minute cross training program, and fit my 40 minute aerobics in later in the day. And, as for my yoga well I could do that before bed. As the day went on I wasn’t really to keen on doing any of the rest of my planned workouts but I knew I had too. No excuses!

Things worked out because the husband ended up needing to do something for work for a couple of hours and I went right into workout mode. I didn’t even think about not doing it. I guess working out has officially become a habit for me! Guess what, I love that fact.

There will be no excuses coming from me as to why I can’t work out. There is always time to do it.

I might just be addicted to working out and exercise. And, again I’m ok with this.

A Little Motivation And Inspiration

Today, is one of those days where I need a bit of a kick in the pants to get myself going and to be where I need to be. So, if it’s happening to me I’m sure there is someone else out there who is going through the same thing.

Here are just a few bits of motivation and inspiration that I try to remind myself with daily.

These are all so true. You have to earn your body, if you continuously feed it crap and treat it like such that’s what’s you’ll get. If you feed it right and treat it right the results will be amazing. And, well the last 2 say it all there are no room for excuses if you want to see a change.


It’s True

It’s true what they say about exercise. I woke up this morning feeling completely awful. This had happened on Sunday as well, but not this bad, and Sunday is my one day off from scheduled workouts. Today I woke up with a sore throat, headache, clogged ears, and a stuffed up nose. Yuck! So, I guess I’m going to get this head cold after all. I was hoping that since I felt so much better Monday and Tuesday I was going to be ok. Guess not.

Anyway, getting to the point of the blog. I really contemplate blowing off my scheduled workouts for the day, as I was curled up in my nice cozy bed. I was exhausted, cranky, and feeling like crap. But, as I contemplated not working out, I was trying to figure out how I’d make up my run training and I hadn’t even skipped the workout but already was feeling guilty about it. So, you guessed it I slept for another hour and then drug myself out of bed to hit the treadmill. I don’t even think I was 5 minutes into the workout, and I already started to feel better.  I definitely wasn’t feeling as exhausted yes I still was suffering from all of my head cold symptoms but I wasn’t ready to curl back up into bed.

I did my run workout plus another 10 minutes on the treadmill to get 30 minutes in, and then busted out the yoga workout, which felt pretty awesome today. I had some lunch and then headed out to take care of the snow issue. I shoveled a bit, but was feeling cold, I think I’m running a slight fever that and it’s barely in the single digits here today.  With this I busted out the snowblower, which I think is more of a workout for me then actual shoveling. That thing is heavy and hard to maneuver, when I need to turn the thing around I am basically wrestling the stupid thing. With the help of the snowblower I was able to get the job done a bit quicker, but I don’t think the calorie burn is that much different.

Now of course I am exhausted, and will be taking a bit of a nap.  I need to kick this cold in the butt now, I do not want to spend weeks sick.

I’m glad I didn’t blow of the exercise today, because I really did feel better after it. I still feel better now then I did when I woke up this morning. So, seriously listen to people when they say exercising will make you feel better. I’m also glad I didn’t blow the exercise off today because I don’t want to start making that an option, I don’t want to be making excuses as to why I’m not exercising and being active. I haven’t missed a day yet, and there is no reason to start now.

Another Early Morning Workout Day

Today, I had a bunch of stuff going on. I set the alarm for 4:45 this morning so that I could get the workout in before starting my crazy day. Ughhh, 4:45 is way too early, but I did it. I did my kettlebell workout, followed by abs, and then onto yoga. I was done with my workouts by 6. I headed off to nanny, and then came home to finish cleaning, before 15 realtors descended on my house.

I’m not a morning person, although since I’ve started on this journey I’ve become more of one. And, by this I mean if you see me before 10 you can actually talk to me without fear of death. It is however in my best interest to workout as soon as I wake up, therefore I can make no excuses. There are no excuses on this journey only actions, and I’m taking action.