I DID IT!!!!

Today was day 15 of T25, which means I’ve completed the first 3 weeks of the program and I’m more than halfway done with the first cycle. Whoooo! Go me! Yeah I’m tooting my own horn.
However, what I’m really proud of myself is I Nailed Total Body Circuit. Yeah, I did today was the first time since starting that I made it to the end without wanting to throw up, die, or some combination of both. Yes, I did all of the modified versions of the exercises, but I did them. This is also the first week where I had to do this workout more than once in the 5 days. So I’m pumped and excited. Next week the program calls for it twice again. However, this time there will only be one day between the days where as this week I had 3. I think I may cry, because I assure you my quads are not happy with me right now. One could say they are kind of screaming at me right now.
Of course today was also Double Day Friday, which means Total Body Circuit was followed up by another 25 minute workout. And, it was Ab Intervals. Let’s just say I did not nail this one at all. Between busting my butt in the Total Body Circuit, and oh yeah what Abs it was rough. I pushed myself through it, but I definitely can say I did not nail it. But, hey there is always next week. And, right now I’m so excited that I can say, “I NAILED TOTAL BODY CIRCUIT!”