Half Way Point – Day 15

Today marks the half way point. That’s right 15 days of whole, clean eating, no artificial sweeteners, no added sugar, no grains, no soy, no legumes, no alcohol, and nothing processed.
I’ve found that it hasn’t been as hard as I first thought it would be. Yes, it requires thinking and planning ahead, but I also know in order for me to eat healthy and lose weight I need to do that anyway. Plus, it’s really nice to go to the grocery store once and be done with it. One trip and then I have everything I need to make all of my meals for a week. Yes, I know I eat a lot of the same thing, but when it’s only one person at home at the moment you have a ton of food left after you make a recipe. Plus, when I give myself fewer choices to eat it makes it easier to stay within parameters. It’s when I have tons of choices of food that I go overboard and may not make the best decisions food wise. I am of course freezing some of the food that has been made so that I can eat at a later time, but if I can make a meal and have it cover a couple of days it’s less work for me to do. Yes, it can get a bit boring eating the same thing over and over but it’s for a couple of days and than a new week and new meals sprout up.
Anyway, half way point and I’m doing really well. I’ve already started looking for recipes for next week and I have 2 new cookbooks coming. Plus I have been looking through the cookbook I bought last week. Nom Nom Paleo Food For Humans I’m actually not as excited about her cookbook as I thought I was going to be. I love her website which if you haven’t checked it out you should do so by clicking right here. I’ve found a ton of recipes that I’ve enjoyed on her webpage and as well as her Pinterest page. The cookbook I haven’t found anything that I’m wanting to try. I’ll be looking through the book more this week to see if I’m going to try something next week.
I tried 3 new recipes today.
Breakfast was “muffins” they were made with egg, kale, peppers, and breakfast sausage. They are really good came out fluffy and filled me right up. However, I’m reminded that I’m not crazy about breakfast sausage. I had gotten turkey breakfast sausage but I wasn’t to thrilled with it. I think it’ll take a few tries to see if it’s something that I really don’t like or something I need to acquire a taste for. We shall see its breakfast for the next couple of days.
Lunch was turkey roll ups with lettuce since I had an appointment to go to. It was easy to take on the road and eat in the car. I really like these for on the go or when I need a quick meal. They’ve come in handy the last couple of weeks. I finished of my lunch with melon.
Dinner was awesome sauce! I had made turkey meatballs in the crock pot yesterday in preparation for tonight’s dinner, and new that I wouldn’t have time today to throw them together. I paired them with zucchini noodles. This isn’t the spiral cutter I have, but it’s super similar

Seriously get one of these. They make amazing veggie noodles and super easy to use and works effortlessly. I love it and am so glad I purchased this little gadget worth every penny. Can’t wait to try some other veggies in it. I sautéed up the zucchini noodles and tossed it with the meatballs for a delicious filling dinner. I finished off my meal with “baked” apples again. It was something that hit the spot perfectly.
I had made protein balls today as well, but they didn’t come out as planned. They were too runny and I’m not sure if it’s because my almond butter wasn’t mixed enough or my coconut butter wasn’t at its optimal temperature. They came out as flat cookies instead of balls, and are fine as long as they are kept cold, but as soon as they warm up the become the consistency of almond butter, just with a little extra flavor. Still really good just messy to eat. I’ll try making them again with better mixed almond butter and coconut butter at the correct temperature. They still need to be kept cold so these may not be a great snack to take on the go. I’ll have to see if I can find something else to make to fill that need.
And, here’s a pick of the food:

And, check this out

My countdown is at 15 love it. Half way point!!!! Can’t wait to see how I feel with the next 15 days.