Today Wasn’t Any Better

So, yeah today not any better than yesterday, actually it was worse. I’ve had a migraine all day and have basically taken on the approach of being curled up under a rock wanting to die.

However, I’ve somehow managed to get myself moving at 8pm and do my workouts. Not nearly what I had planned on doing or at the intensity I had hoped for, but I still got up and did it. There are no excuses. That running for 10 minutes at half a mph faster than my norm didn’t happen today.  It did happen for 5 minutes split into 2 sets, but I did do some running, but that took all I had. Friday, will be a better day.

Along with cutting my run in half, I did do 40 minutes of walking, which nearly killed me today.  I’m just worn out from feeling like garbage today. I also had planned on doing a 45 minute Pilates Barre workout, but I scratched that for a 30 minute workout of the same style that is a bit easier and 15 minutes shorter.

I’m glad I got up and did it, and I even was able to get my 10,000 steps in today. Which is pretty awesome considering I basically got out of bed 2 hours ago, and guess what I’ll be taking my migraine meds and going back to bed as soon as this is posted. I’m hoping tomorrow I wake up feeling better and refreshed I have a lot of things to get done around the house along with some serious working out to do.