Getting Ready

Today I sat down and wrote up a meal plan for the next 30 days.

Basically it’s type of categories and scheduled for days throughout the month. So I don’t have an exact set of meals as this is what I’m eating today. It’s more today I’ll have Italian, so maybe it’ll be zoodles with sauce and meatballs, or eggplant lasagna, or whatever floats my fancy in that genre of food. 

My categories are burgers because that’s an endless list of possibilities, Mexican, Italian, Soup, Comfort Food, chicken, and fish, for dinner. Lunch is sandwiches, salads, and leftovers. And, breakfast is made up of omelettes, eggs, pancakes, cereal, veggies and sausage, and chia pudding. So lots of things to choose form and a plan but not super strict. 

Each genera of food has a number and each day I’ve picked a number from breakfast, lunch, and dinner so that I know which days will be what types of food. So planned but not overly planned. It can be adjusted a bit of need be and also based on what is available at the farmers market and grocery store. 

Now I just need to make one for exercise. 

Now it’s time to watch the Oscars.