Can’t Wait To Get Back Into My Routine

These last 2 weeks have been hard on my working out schedule. With the packing, moving/driving, and the all of the unpacking working out has not been a priority. Of course lugging boxes and furniture and unpacking all of the boxes definitely counted for something. Hoping to have the house completely settled by this weekend and then I can get back into my routine on Monday.
I miss my daily workouts.

Why Do I Have So Much

I’ve spent the majority of the day packing my kitchen. And, well I love to cook and bake. So, put those 2 things together and it amounts to a lot of kitchen stuff. And, by a lot I mean a lot. I’m happy to say that the kitchen is almost completely packed. The Tupperware cabinet will be done tonight and after that it’s a few odds and ends. Oh and all of the food in the pantry.
Of course we are trying to make a dent in that over the next couple of days. Along with all good in the freezer and fridge.
But, after today I’m beginning to think that a few less kitchen gadgets would of been a better idea. Oh well it’s for the most part done.