I Wasn’t Sure


This is how I felt when I was in physical therapy today. As, my physical therapist kept changing and adding to my workout today. I of course also asked her if she was high when telling me to do one exercise and how many reps and sets she wanted. 

So remember there are only a few hours left but trust no one.  


A Little Subluxing Never Hurt Anybody

My knee is not improving. I’ve had several small subluxations over the past few days. My patella isn’t sitting correctly in the joint. So, we will be continuing with physical therapy this week and then I have an appointment with my orthopedic next Tuesday morning. 

Grrrrrr! Why can’t you cooperate knee. 

Torture Session, Uhm I Mean Physical Therapy

Today’s physical therapy session was brutal. We upped my reps, weights, and times for all the exercises I did today. And, well after yesterday’s session my glutes, hamstrings, and quads were already feeling it. 

Along with increasing the difficulty of the exercises we were doing some new ones were added. Unfortunately some of them were quickly tabled as it killed the knee. We also tried to do an exercise we tried on the first day and unfortunately that was a no-go as well. Which of course is quite frustrating to me as I feel like I’m getting nowhere. Ughhhhh recovering from injury sucks.

During leg presses my physical therapist was finally able to feel the clicking/catching/cracking I had been telling her about. She thinks that it is my patella catching on the condyle because of how much my patella is tilted. Which all that means is my patella isn’t even trying to track correctly and that all of the strengthening work we are doing isn’t having the desired affect we were hoping for. Again frustrating. 

We did some massage on my knee and upper leg and well my IT Band is super tight and could be contributing to some of the problems. So, we will be working on loosing that up and working on that in hopes that we will start to see some results after we get that loosened up. 

I just wish I was seeing results faster than I am and felt like my knee was going to go out on me. Unfortunately, this is a lot slower of a process then I wanted. I’m just keep reminding myself be patient, of course that is not one of my stronger qualities. 

Knee Update

So, the knee is not healing as quickly as I’d like.  Of course anything over a day is too much time for me. 

However, I’ve been having quite a bit of pain in one spot in my knee which has made for a change in my physical therapy regimen. 

I still can’t do any type of squat or lunge without feeling my patella shift and causing significant pain. 

Of course adding in the fact that my ankle is screwed up and so is the hip makes fixing the mess that is known as my right leg a bit of a problem. An exercise for the knee causes the hip to click and snap, an ankle exercise causes the knee to hurt, and so on. It’s basically a trial and error type procedure right now. And, of course one day an exercise may be fine and the next causes pain. Needless to say I’m a bit frustrated by all of this. It is looking like I will be doing more than 6 weeks of physical therapy at this rate as we are already half way through the first 6 week stint. 

Today, we also did talk about a brace and how to go about getting one. Which we are going to talk to my doctor about and see if insurance will cover the type of brace I need. 

It’s all about baby steps right now. 

6 Weeks Of PT

Yesterday I had my first physical therapy appointment for my leg. We’re looking at least 6 weeks before I can do any real activity. And, well yuck to that. 

There was work on the ankle and then work on the knee. My new friend is a Thera-band. Not that Thera-band is really a new friend to me. I’ve had my fair share of use with them. 

With the ankle we do some massage to break up any adhesions I have going on, followed by some dorsiflexion, plantarfexion, and some eversion, all with a Thera-band for some resistance. Also working on my balance/proprioception. 

After the ankle we moved onto the knee. And, well that’s a bit of a disaster. There isn’t anything you can actually do for my knee except work on strength of the muscles around the knee. So you guessed it lots of quad, hamstring, glute, hip adductor and abductor work. Hello leg lifts, clam shells, and eventually leg extensions and curls. This is all followed up with some electric stim to the VMO to get that baby firing and strong. We did a McConnell taping to help with keeping the kneecap in place. It works great and definitely made it feel more stable, unfortunately it’s not a lifetime solution. 

Here’s hoping that the physical therapy will make things feel better and stronger. I really don’t want to have surgery. 

Of course we are supposed to be getting another snow storm tonight into tomorrow. And, they are now calling for 4-8+ inches. If we get that here I can assure you I won’t be having physical therapy as the entire city will be shut down. Who am I kiddingb it hasn’t even started snowing yet and they’ve already started canceling and closing things for tomorrow. 

I’m also supposed to have a chiropractor appointment tomorrow to work on my hip so that we can get this leg in shape. However, that will be cancelled to I’m sure. 

Good thing I can do almost all of the physical therapy treatments at home myself. I don’t have a stim unit, that does muscle contraction so I’ll have to skip that step but otherwise I can get everything else in. 

I need to get back to the gym sooner rather than later.