Me Right Now

Seriously, people stop posting all of these wonderful treats. Even though they are healthier versions I can’t eat them for at least the next 27 days. 

I was using Pinterest to find some new recipes but I think I’ll be sticking to my many cookbooks at least there I can skip over the dessert sections. 

Although, I will say I love the food I’ve been eating. And, it’s definitely filling me up. 


New Stuff Thank You Amazon Prime

Just got my 3 new cookbooks I ordered and they came a day early. Kind of excited about that.
I’ve already quickly looked through them and used my post-it flags on several recipes that looked interesting. Of course I will go through them more thoroughly when I have more time and I’m sure find several more recipes to try out.

But, these are the 3 newest cookbooks to be added to my collection.
It was like Christmas at my house today, because as well as my cookbooks coming my Rx Bars came. I ordered these bars as they are Paleo and Whole 30 approved and I will definitely be doing another Whole 30 come March 1st. See already have my March challenge picked out, just got to pick out February’s. Need to get on that ASAP as there are only a few days left. Anyway, I haven’t tried one of the bars yet but I purchased the Coconut Cacao ones. We shall see. If I like them I’ll be ordering another flavor to try out. And, I didn’t even forget about the husband, I ordered him the mix pack of Epic Bars. I won’t eat them but I thought it’d be something good for him to try and if he likes them then we will definitely be getting him more.
I’m loving this new healthy, clean eating way of living and have been discovering so many cool new things. And a lot of that has to do with Pinterest, which is where tonight’s dinner comes from. I made zucchini lasagna which I’ve done in the past but kind of winged my own recipe, where as I decided to follow this one today, you can check it out here.
I’ve written down the instructions for the husband on how to cook it as he will be home before me tonight.
And, let me tell you TwoGrand has been an amazing app, it’s basically Instagram for your food. But, people are posting such awesome food. And, you can ask them for the recipes and they share. I’ve seen a couple of things that I’ve saved to my favorites so that I can try them out. And, also you learn about new things. Namely Epic Bars that I just bought for the husband, and Calm the Anti-Stress Drink, it’s a magnesium supplement. Which is funny because I asked about this product and a day or 2 later in the news was a big article about how most people don’t get enough magnesium. I just purchased some and tried it for the first time last night. I’ll give it a few days and let you know what I think of it, so be sure to check back in for that review.
Anyway I’m off to yoga and then some belly dancing. See you all tomorrow.


Since I started the Whole 30 on December 1st I’ve been trying out new recipes almost daily. I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen. And, now that I’m on the path to this new lifestyle I’ve been experimenting even more.
With this my obsession and time spent on Pinterest is escalating, I’m constantly looking for Paleo/Whole 30 recipes. And, as I’m filling up a secret board with all of these recipes they are slowly being tried out and moved over to my Paleo board which you can follow by just clicking right here. Everything on this board is a recipe I’ve tried and liked. If I’ve tried something and didn’t like it it doesn’t make it to the board. I’m only keeping the good stuff.
Along with spending way too much time on Pinterest I purchased several Paleo cookbooks. I love cookbooks. I’ve been looking through the cookbooks and putting post-it flags on all of the recipes I want to try. Needless to say there are a lot of recipes I want to try.
I have been alternating between recipes found on Pinterest and recipes from a cookbook every week. I plan my menu for the week based on recipes from either Pinterest or a cookbook I pulled out.
This week I’m using a cookbook. It’s Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfillippo.

2015/01/img_0599.jpg I’m really enjoying this cookbook. I’ve tried out a few recipes this week already and have loved them. The recipes I’ve made so far have been extremely easy to make and also doesn’t require anything to crazy or expensive when it comes to ingredients. Which, is always a nice thing. Because let’s face it some Paleo ingredients can be quite pricey. Hence, the reason for the name I’m sure Practical Paleo. You can find the book on Amazon and the kindle price is $9.99. I however have the hard copy. When it comes to cookbooks I need the physical thing in my hands. Plus how else would I put all of my post-it flags on the recipes. I mean seriously look at the flags on this book.

It’s a great book. It has meal plans and guides to help you along the way. I like it a lot and am happy with the purchase. I’ll be making some more recipes from this book as the week goes on, but so far the ones I’ve made are definite repeat meals.
Next week I’ll be moving back over to Pinterest so hopefully I can share some more amazing recipes on my board after trying them out.
Another great thing about all of this cooking at home is the husband and I are saving a ton of money by not eating out, we are eating way healthier, and I’m sticking my freezer for those times when I just don’t feel up to making a whole new meal.
Let me know if you try any of the recipes on my Pinterest board and how you liked them and please feel free to share any recipes you may have with me. Like I said I love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen.

New Recipes & A New App

In the last 2 days I’ve tried 3 new recipes. Thank you Pinterest. All of the recipes are super easy to make and super tasty.
The first one I’ll just describe for you since it is that easy to make. You need a package of kielbasa, a green pepper, a red or yellow pepper, or another green pepper it really doesn’t matter, an onion, and 2 large potatoes. I used sweet potatoes to keep it Paleo but you can use regular potatoes of you so choose. You cut everything up into chunks and throw it in a heavy skillet with a little olive oil. Cook away. I will say that I cooked the potatoes a bit by themselves before adding everything else since they take more time than the other ingredients. It was what we had for dinner last night. There was plenty of leftovers, which I will be sticking in the freezer for a later date.
Here’s what it looked like:

The next recipe is amazing. Even being Paleo I can still have Belgian waffles. I made a pumpkin spice Paleo waffle. These are so good. I am actually going to make up a double batch of the batter again tomorrow and freeze them. So another quick breakfast option for when I’m pressed for time.
I mean check this out doesn’t it look just really tasty. I even had some turkey bacon with it.

If you want to try them, just click right here.
The last recipe is a Paleo clone of Starbucks pumpkin spice scones. I just made these today. Actually I just pulled them out of the oven. I made mine more into cookies since I was to lazy to shape them into scone like shapes. The recipe calls for a glaze, actually 2 glazes a vanilla glaze and than topped with a pumpkin glaze. I opted not to do the glazes but, they are still delicious. I haven’t had a pumpkin scone from Starbucks in years, because of that whole gluten thing, but I can tell you that these are great. I made 2 dozen of them so you guessed it some of them are going in the freezer. And, here you go peeps click right here and get yourself the recipe. Give them a try they are super tasty.
Okay, now in the title I told you about a new app. I just discovered TwoGrand. Have you heard of this app? It’s an app where you take a photo of what you’re eating. It’s uploaded and then everyone can see what you’re eating. I don’t know about you but if everyone in the webisphere, is that a word if not it is now, is going to see what I’m eating I’ll be making better choices. You do a whole profile about your food choices and how you associate with food and they recommend people to follow and of course you can follow whoever you want as well. So, if you’re on TwoGrand my username is AbbyR add me I need some friends on the app since I just started it this morning.
So there you have some recipes and an app.

I’m In Single Digits Now – Day 21

Today marks 3 weeks of doing the Whole 30, and it also means that I’m in the single digits of days remaining.

Yeah, check that out! SINGLE DIGITS!!!
Did you think that I’d make it this far, because when I started I wasn’t so sure. However, now I’m loving it and finding every day it easier and easier.
The past 3 weeks have been a learning and growing experience for me. I’ve learned that the sugar, sweet, salty, and just plain junk food I loved I’m not missing nearly as much as I thought I would. Will I give it up forever, probably not, because let’s face it a girl needs chocolate every once in a while. However, I’m no longer going to be eating it like I used to nor will I be eating the processed forms of it. While on Whole 30 there haven’t been desserts or any added sugar of any kind, but once it’s over I’ll be using healthier and less refined sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup, and coconut sugar. I’ve definitely developed a love for this clean and natural way of eating. I really can’t believe how much better I feel, and I’ve only had a few days, less than a handful, where I’ve had moments where I’ve felt hungry. I can honestly say that after eating my meals I’m full until the next meal. I haven’t been snacking like I used to, I have one snack a day on days when I hit the gym. I have either a handful of nuts or a protein ball after my workout or between workouts depending on what workouts I have that day.
I’m definitely moving towards the Paleo diet. I know that there will be times that I won’t be completely Paleo since I’m still missing cheese, and I also really love Mexican food so cheese, sour cream, and corn will happen from time to time. But, a little indulgence from time to time is okay, because if rather allow myself to have it than deny myself and then go on an all out binge. Everything is something that you can eat within moderation and that’s where I’ve been having issues. However, this Whole 30 has taught me a lot and if I can quit all of these things cold turkey for 3 days there is no reason why I can’t continue not to eat them, but only once in a while.
I’ve been looking through my cupboards and seeing that there will be a ton of food that will be going to the food bank because quite frankly I’m not going to be eating the processed crap that it is. I am so glad that I decided to do this Whole 30 because it has definitely changed my perspective on food and what I put in my body.
This morning for breakfast I tried a new recipe. And, it’s a WINNER!!! Sweet Potato Puffs. I love pancakes it may be one of my favorite foods and I’ve even been able to develop a love for gluten free pancakes. Well today I found an even better alternative. Paleo, whole 30 compliant, and more nutritious than gluten free bisquick. I made them like they were silver dollar pancakes, but I’m sure they could be made into full size pancakes although they are a little tricky to flip so the smaller size helps with this issue. I added some cinnamon to them to give them a bit more flavor. I’m sure they would taste amazing with a little drizzle of maple syrup, which I’m sure at some point after my Whole 30 is up I’ll try them that way. Today I just ate them plain with the cinnamon. And, just plain they were fantastic. Super easy to make, and it’s made by using leftovers so even better. You can check out the recipe yourself right here. It’s definitely a keeper in my recipe file.
I’ve started a couple of new Pinterest boards that have to do with this new lifestyle I’m embarking on. And, as I try a recipe I’ve been adding it to my Paleo recipes board. You can check out the board here. There aren’t that many recipes there yet, but I assure you more will find their way there. I have tons of recipes on another board that I haven’t tried yet, and well these ones on this board are only the recipes that I’ve tried and liked. This way they are easy for me to find when I want to make them again. And, well now you can find the recipes I’ve been using easily enough. I’ll be posting links to some of the cookbooks I’ve been using as well with the recipes that I’ve tried. I have several recipes this week that I’ll be making from a couple of new cookbooks I’ve gotten. I can’t wait for Tuesday I will have 3 more books delivered. Yeah, in case you can’t tell this is my new way of life and I’m serious about it.
Lunch was the other half of the sweet potato that was leftover from breakfast, leftover almond crusted tenders and BBQ sauce. Let me tell you homemade BBQ sauce is really easy to make and a 100 times better than anything you buy in the store. I’ll be making my own from now on.
Dinner was ska said from Panera with no cheese or dressing with an apple since I was out finishing up the last of the Christmas shopping.
Happy Sunday everyone and to single digits left on the Whole 30.


Starting The 2nd Trimester -No I’m Not Pregnant

Today, is day 11 which means I’m more than a third of the way through the Whole 30. And, so I’m now working on getting to 2/3 of the way through the Whole 30. Hence, the title of this blog we have moved onto the second third.
I’m happy to report that the craving for sweets that I had yesterday is not an issue today. And, can I just say Thank Goodness! I’m not sure I could handle 2 days in a row of that. I however, consulted my friend Pinterest to find some recipes that are Whole 30 compliant and help fill this sweet thing. And, I found quite a few that I will be making once the Whole 30 is over and I’m also buying the ingredients for at least one of the recipes to have on hand so that if I get that intense craving again I can whip up one of the “treats.”
I must say I have no idea what I did before Pinterest, the creator of it is simply a genius, an evil genius at that, but pure genius. I can log on and find hundreds of recipes in seconds it’s just a matter of narrowing it down to what I want to make. I probably thousands of recipes pinned and we’ll have made barely a tenth of them but I have ideas. Of course until very recently most of those recipes were not the healthiest options. Now, I’m looking for the Paleo, whole 30, clean eating recipes like it’s my job. So Pinterest for the win!
The meals today were pretty much a repeat of Tuesday’s. Breakfast was leftover casserole which tastes just as awesome reheated as it did the day it was made. Lunch, I used up the last of the Mexican chicken I had made a couple of nights ago. I threw it on top of lettuce with some avocado dressing. The addition of the dressing gave it a bit more pizazz. The avocado with the spice of the chicken was a great combination. I finished off lunch with blueberries. And, well these blueberries were perfect not a sour one in the bunch, they were sweet and crisp. Yum!
For dinner I had a bowl of chili, which was excellent of course I was dreaming about a nice piece of cornbread with it but it wasn’t something that I really needed. Just something that I wanted. I had an apple as well to finish out dinner.
Yoga was a good workout my quads were burning, and at times my legs were shaking. Although, I did do lunges today without the use of blocks so that’s an improvement. Making strides every day.
I’m hoping Krav doesn’t kick my ass too much. It’ll be fun either way.
And here’s my food pic:


Through The Door With Day 4

Be prepared folks for some ridiculous blog post names. I mean I can’t just do Day 1, and so on that would be so boring and unoriginal. So, we’ve got some rhyming going on today for the title.
I started today off with leftover frittata and it was just as yummy as I remembered. I’m not even missing the cheese today. I definitely will be using this recipe again changing up the veggies and protein options. The recipe I used is found in the Whole 30 book It Starts With Food.
For lunch I had to make a substitution I was going to have grilled fish, but I didn’t have time to run to the store to pick some up so I went with a turkey burger instead. And, I have one more day this week when I’m supposed to have grilled fish and I’ll substitute the last of the leftover citrus chicken in a salad. But, getting back to lunch I had the turkey burger on a bed of lettuce with the creamy avocado dressing, again got the recipe from the Whole 30 book, with a side of fresh spinach with balsamic and raspberries. It was delicious. The raspberries were a bit tart but I didn’t add any sweetener to it. Although, that would be my normal action.
Dinner consisted of leftover citrus chicken asparagus and an apple. I really like this chicken and it’s super easy to make, which are 2 pluses in my book. Again this recipe was taken from the Whole 30 book.
I spent last night cruising around Pinterest looking for new recipes for next week’s meals. I am actually pretty excited about the meals I have planned for next week and am excited to grocery shopping tomorrow to get all of the items I need. I’ve found a great website with recipes and encouragement. You can check out Nom Nom Paleo right here. This website has given me lots of ideas and I’ve tried her ghee recipe and found it easy to make just time consuming. I have several of her recipes saved and ready to try.
And, here’s a picture of my meals:

It was a pretty tasty filled day.
My exercise schedule took a hit though. I went to my power yoga class which was exhausting as usual. However, on my way home from class my friend that I attend Krav with called to say she wouldn’t be able to make it due to her prior obligation taking longer than originally planned. I could go by myself, but we bought a group of classes together so if I go we will be at different number of classes we can attend. I think I’ll do a workout here at home. Well I’m debating it. I also feel I could curl up and be done with the day. However, I think that I will just do it. I know if I don’t I’ll feel guilty about not doing it. It won’t take that long and once I start it won’t be a problem.
Day 4 is complete and looking forward to Day 5.


The weight loss/get healthier/more fit journey is a long one.  As in a lifetime type journey.  And, as anyone who has struggled with weight issues it’s often a bumpy and unforgiving one at that.  That’s part of the reason why I write this blog.  It’s just a few minutes of my day where I can write down my struggles, triumphs, or even just whine about how I am feeling.  It doesn’t matter if anyone actually reads it, or not.  I wrote it down and expressed whatever feelings I was having on that particular day at that particular time.

With writing this blog I have found lots of encouragement from you, my readers.  I can’t tell you what it means to me when you comment on a post, whether it’s to ask a question, give advice, or give a “well done”.  It makes my day, and so for that Thank You!  Along, with the comments I get from you, I’ve also found other places that have helped encourage, motivate me, and give me the push to keep going when I want to quit.

Fit Bottomed Girls is a new one I just discovered, I wrote about their book that I am currently reading and plunging into 250%.  I’ve been working on the 10 minute fixes that they gave for Ditching the Diet Drama, and well I have to say it really is making me more self-aware of things that I have been doing that may not have been self sabotaging, although some of them certainly have been, but they definitely haven’t been beneficial to helping me become the best that I can be.  You can read my post here.  And. if you’re interested in finding more about Fit Bottomed Girls you can check them out here.  They are pretty cool, lots of information, and even some giveaways.  Quick if you head over there right now you can even enter todays giveaway.

I am a fitbit junkie, which I’ve talked about on numerous occasions, and well I am not going to bore you with more of that.  However, I will tell you I joined the Fitbit Friends group on Facebook, and these people in the group ROCK!  Super supportive, there is always someone there to give an encouraging word and some motivation when you need.  Advice, well they offer that up too.  I love being part of a group where I don’t feel horrible posting a picture of my before alongside my after.  Heck, I don’t even think I have posted one on here yet.  I love seeing the transformations people are making in their lives to become healthier and more fit.  If you have a fitbit, and even if you don’t but are thinking about get one check out the group, you’ll be amazed at how welcoming and supportive they all are.  Plus, I can’t tell you how many ideas I have gotten for increasing my steps, becoming more active in my daily life, and a million other little things.

Then of course there is Pinterest, which I haven’t been spending nearly as much time on as I once used to.  Hey, it’s ok I am being way more active now, so I don’t have as much time to get sucked into the Pinterest vortex, which is okay with me.  But, on those days where I am just not motivated to do it, or I get frustrated or down on myself I head on over to Pinterest and do a little weight loss or exercise motivation search, and the stuff that comes up always helps me out.  It pulls me out of my funk enough for me to get my butt moving, and well once I start exercising I am good to go.  It’s just sometimes I need that push to get started.  And, there are lots of times when I need the reminder to step away from the junk food and pick a healthier option.

I am quite happy that I live in a world where I can find motivation and encouragement with just a click of the mouse.  Of course don’t get me wrong I like getting those things from actual living, breathing human beings, but sometimes when there isn’t anyone around to give me that old pat on the back I can look at a motivational quote and realize yeah I’m going to do it this time.

If you ever need some words of encouragement know that you have them from me, YOU CAN DO THIS!