Bento Box

Today I got called into work for a full day, so it was pack a lunch time. I’m in love with Bento Boxes. They are perfect for packing my Whole 30 meals. I packed a salad, grilled chicken, dressing, and a plout. It all fit perfectly into my little Bento lunchbox. 

I have a couple of different ones. Today I used the one on the top right corner, mine however is green not pink. 

Here’s my salad 

I also have this set that comes with a cooler bag.  

But, my new want is a stainless steel one. Planetbox makes an awesome one, but they are quite expensive.  

This is the one I really want perfect for my entire meal. I’m keeping an eye out for it to go down in price and then I’m jumping on it. 

What about you what is your favorite way to pack your lunch?