Pound It Out

Today I tried out the newest version of Pound. Pound is a workout using weighted drumsticks and it’s a lot of fun. 

I have the original program which I’ve done from time to time and really enjoy. I ordered the newest version about a month ago and today was really the first time I’ve gotten a chance to try it out. As I’ve been in the middle of the most unorganized move EVER, and well I finally have space in my living room to work out. So today I did Bassline. It targets the legs, butt, and thighs. Let’s just say I’m definitely going to be feeling it in the morning. 

The workouts are great they are 30 minutes which is perfect fast and gets the job done. I got my cardio in with the workout worked the lower body and even though it wasn’t targeting my arms they got a workout too. Holding, swinging, and pounding those weighted drumsticks does start to make the arms burn. After the workout I was sweating the heart was beating and I was ready for it to be over once it was. 

Tomorrow’s plan has been thrown in the air as I have appointments scheduled for the morning and early afternoon, so the plan was to come home and workout after, but I’ve been called into work until early evening so we will see how things work out. I’m thinking I can get in some activity at work. 

Oh and on top of doing the workout today I made tons of progress on my bathrooms. Of course I won’t be finishing them tomorrow like I had planned it’s looking like it’ll be complete come Wednesday. Well mostly complete there will still be the need for the home decor part which I’ll be looking at and thinking about. No rush decisions need to be made on that front. 

So whoooo I kicked Monday’s a$$!

Lots Of Fitness Stuff

Today was Day 3 of Shaun T’s Focus T25. And, let me tell you I did not enjoy it one bit. The last 2 days I did pretty well I did some modified moves but I kept up with it. Today was Total Body Circuit, and after about 5 minutes I wanted to puke. My arms and shoulders are definitely feeling the workout today. But, hey it means my muscles were put to the test so it’s good for me. I’m not looking forward to the rest of the week either. Tomorrow is ab day, I have a feeling I’ll be feeling this 25 minute workout until the next time I have to do it. Friday isn’t much better, it’s double down Friday which means 2 workouts with the crazy man known as Shaun T. I’ll let you know how that goes for me, if I survive that is.
Yesterday, I posted about Lean Shake 25. Today, after my workout I grabbed one of the bottles of the banana flavor, and WOW! I’m in love! I will be buying a big bottle of that. It was good, no weird aftertaste or chalky feeling. It is definitely my favorite.
I earned a reward on EveryMove for money off a pair of Jaybird Bluetooth headphones, and they arrived today. They were a bit pricey even with the money off, but the reviews were pretty good, and I’m a spazzing when I run with headphones and always end up yanking them out of my ears because I somehow get tangled in the wires. With these it shouldn’t be an issue any longer. They are currently charging so I haven’t tested them out yet, but once I do I’ll let you know how they are. So far all of the products I’ve gotten with rewards from EveryMove have been awesome. The Pound Workout, I love, my OrangeMud Transition Towel has come in handy many a times, Sole Custom Inserts are magic, and my SKORA running shoes are a definite new favorite. So, I’m pretty optimistic that these headphones will be just as amazing as everything else.
I never used to be a fitness nut and fitness gear junkie, but I like the changes I’ve seen in myself. Keeping fit and healthy.

On A Roll

Yesterday, my husband called me and said, “pack a bag, you have a flight to catch tomorrow, (meaning TODAY!!!).  So, with that I’ve been running around taking care of all of the last-minute stuff that needs to be done before leaving the house for a few days, especially one that is on the market, and may be shown while you’re gone.  Along, with that I did my mile to 5k training session today.  I did one yesterday too, and usually do them M,W,F, but being that I’m heading on a trip I thought I’d get day 2 in and only have to worry about doing one more day while on this trip.  I also did my Pound workout, today was supposed to be a rest day for that as well, but I will rest tomorrow, and I Pounded today.  And, finally I fit in Day 8 of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge.  So with that I am almost at 10,000 steps and more than half way to those 15,000 steps I need to get a day.

I’m pretty excited and I am hoping that by the time I board my plane I will be at the 10,000 mark, which makes getting those extra 5,000 not so daunting.


Oh where am I going you ask, well:

That’s right VEGAS BABY!!!  I’m excited, I get to spend time with my husband, and my brother and sister-in-law will be there as well.  Can’t wait should be fun times.


Rest Day

Today, was my rest day on the 30 day Pound program. Which is weird for me, since I always have Sunday has my rest day. Anyway, I took it easy today and, managed to get 16,000 steps in today. And, well I didn’t really do anything except park pretty far from the doors of the mall and Walmart. Plus there were the laps around Walmart that helped get in some extra steps. I of course did some sitting still while getting a pedicure. Ahhhhh! I could sit in that chair all day.

Anyway it was a nice relaxing day here and I got my steps in without much effort.

Happy Saturday!