Still Wet Out

Today there wasn’t much for rain, but we had cooler temperatures and wind. 

Oh yeah and our street is flooded again. After tonight we should be good with the flooding as the tides are lowering and the weather is supposed to turn as in we will actually maybe see the sun at some point tomorrow. 

I like the sound of that. 

Stepping In The Water

We’ve been getting hammered with coastal flooding the last few days. Luckily our house stayed dry. Today our street flooded more than the past few days and the water made it to the garage door. We sandbagged it and it didn’t come up to much and glad to say no water came in. 

 The start of the flooding

Our beach was a churning as the tide was rolling in. 

Getting higher

Making the best of the flooding. Kayak party anyone? Oh you didn’t know we had a lake in the neighborhood.


 Our dogs were enjoying our new riverfront property. 

And the water has made its way all the way up our driveway. 

It’s finally starting to go down but the street is still a bit of a river. Hopefully by morning it’ll be back to a road instead of a river. 

Weather, It’s My Downfall

Today, the weather in Wyoming is not typical for my corner of Wyoming. It rained all day. It just doesn’t do that here. It rains for maybe 10 minutes and then it’s done. Not today however. It rained all day.
And, when it’s dark, wet, and dreary outside I want to do nothing. So much so that it was so dark in my bedroom that I didn’t wake up till 11, however in my defense I had gone out to Dueling Pianos last night and did not go to bed until late. But, yes I was bum sleeping till 11. I was not going to go out and walk and the idea if hitting the treadmill just wasn’t doing it for me either.
However, I haven’t missed my daily step goal, and today will not be any different. So after curling up into UFO chair most of the day alternating between reading my book and watching Netflix I’m now walking circles in my house as I work on this blog, and will be following that up with some dancing to get the last 3000 steps or so I need to reach my daily goal. Of course as soon as I reach my goal I’m pretty sure I’ll be curling up with my book and/or Netflix again. It’s just been one if those days.
I need to find a way to not let the weather get to me, and remain active even if looking outside just makes me want to curl up and not get out of bed.
Here’s to Monday and being a bit more active or in my case a lot more active.