Now That Was A Walk

Today the husband and I set out to do a large portion of the River Walk here in town.
We headed out this morning and did nearly the whole thing. Only problem with this is it is not a loop, which means you need to go back the way you came.
We started at one end and walked all but the last 1.75 miles of the trail. We had a time issue, one and where we needed to get back to the car so that we could pick up the dogs, and well I knew I’d be spent. The walk ended up being just over 12.5 miles. It was a great day for it. The weather was perfect not too hot and the sun was beating down at ungodly force.
We’ve already started talking about doing one of the other parts of the trail. Maybe early next week.
I love having the paths here to walk. Nice relaxing and surrounded by nature. Of course I say this now, but the first time I run into a snake on the path, I’ll be screaming a different tune about nature. Yeah I HATE snakes.
Happy Friday! Tomorrow we are thinking about taking the dogs to the dog park to do some running, swimming, and just general using up some energy.