Road Trips Suck For Getting Steps

Today we headed to South Dakota to do a little site seeing. We’ve checked out some cool things already for only being here for a few hours. However, it’s been a lot of sitting in the car, and well that does little to get 15,000 steps in.
It’s 6:30 and I only have half my steps for the day in. I will get them in if it means walking in place in the hotel room, but still. Car rides and road trips were something I used to love, but now I’m sitting here thinking about all of the walking and activity I could be getting in. Needless to say every time we stop I’m jogging and trying to be as active as possible. Dang you fitbit and my obsession with you.
Tomorrow we will be doing a lot more walking around at sites so getting steps in won’t be as hard, but I definitely am no longer a fan of road trips. So much wasted time when I could be getting my steps in. Hmmmm, I wonder if I can talk the husband into getting a motor home so that while he is driving I can walk the length of the RV. Then we could road trip and I could get my steps in.
Happy Tuesday!

Weekend Fun

The husband and I are headed to Denver for the weekend. We are going to spend the weekend with my husband’s best friend from childhood, his wife, and daughter. They are a lot of fun and we try to get together with then whenever we can.

Anyway, the drive to Denver is close to 5 hours. Yikes! That means 5 hours of sitting in the car doing nothing. That means I won’t be getting any of my 10,000 daily steps in for 5 hours. Have no fear, I planned for this. I am currently in the car now as I work on this post.

I got up this morning and did a 45 minute Zumba session which put me at half my daily step goal, plus gave me a good workout and worked up a good sweat.  I theN ran around the house like a lunatic getting the house picked up. One thing nice about the house being on the market is that it needs to be clean before you leave for the weekend. I did 2 loads of laundry this morning along with putting another 2 loads away. And, then there was the vacuuming and mopping that needed to be done once the dogs were dropped off at boarding.

Seriously I get quite the workout running through my house with the vacuum and mop cleaning up after the dogs.  It’s winter and they still shed like crazy.  Crazy dogs.

So I’ve got my workout in and am only 1,000 steps from my daily goal of 10,000 steps. I’ve got this.

Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday.