I Think They Need To Be Retired

It’s that time, okay it’s actually way past that time. My first pair of running shoes that I actually only wore for running/run training, are in need of a rest. As in I probably shouldn’t wear them anymore because I’ve put many miles on them. Around 750 miles to be exact.
They were great little shoes I never experienced shin splints, foot or heel pain, and no blisters were had. That in my book makes for an excellent pair of shoes. I have a new pair sitting in a box waiting for me to break them out, but I’m still testing out a new brand to me SKORA. And, so far so good I love them too. They offer a bit more cushion then the Merrells which is nice and they have a removable insole which the Merrells do not have. Either way I may have found 2 new favorite running shoes. I definitely have one and SKORA looks to be coming in as a favorite as well.
So thank you Merrells for being my first pair of truly dedicated running shoes. You have been amazing but you can rest now. I still love you and may just wear you with some shorts and a tank as I walk the mall or whatever. But, you will no longer have to endure miles of hitting the pavement.

Ahhhh my Mean Green Sneakers

As you can see the tread is a little worn in some spots but they’ve held up really well for how many miles have been put on them.
Do you have a pair of shoes that you absolutely love?

New Running Shoes

I never thought I’d say I love running shoes for just that running. I love sneakers, I have quite the vast collection, of course until recently they were very rarely used for running, just comfort and style.

Now, that I’m working on becoming a runner, I’m in love with running shoes. I’m a fan of the barefoot and minimalist styles. By barefoot styles I’m not talking about the ones with the toes those are just weird and something that I can’t do. But, the Vibram barefoot feel is amazing. My first pair I bought is a pair of Merrell’s. And, well I fell in love with them. I then also picked up some New Balance Minimalist. I really like the lightweight feel of the shoes, and the flexibility of the shoe. I own tons of sneakers that are not this type, and well rarely wear them anymore. They just feel too heavy and not flexible enough for me anymore.

These are my first barefoot type running sneakers I bought. And, well I love them. They’ve been getting a lot of use over the last 10.5 weeks, for what they were intended running, not just because I thought they looked cool and were comfortable.

Well thanks To REI, end of the year sales, combined with holiday sales incentives, and dividends I was able to score my second pair of Merrell’s for 70% off. Merry Christmas to me! I’m pretty excited to break these new guys in.

Yes, they are the exact same sneaker I already have. If you love something why mess with it?