Mud Run

I’ve officially signed up for my second 5K fun run. It will take place a month after my first run. 

Of course I’ll be walking these both or at least the majority of them because I have no run training right now and am still dealing with this pesky knee injury. 

April will be the Color Me Rad run and then in May I’ll be doing the Dirty Girl Mud Run. A 5k run with lots of mud and obstacles. I can’t wait I think it’s going to be a ton of fun. 

I’m looking at doing at least 2 more fun runs this year. They will pretty much be the same thing as these 2 just with a different name. Color Vibe run and the Dirty Dash are the other 2 runs I’m looking at doing. And, I’m hoping that I’ll actually get to run one of them. If not then I have something to look forward and work towards next year. 

Fun Run Season

I learned today that we are going to be having 2 color runs in the area this year. 

The first one up is the Color Me Rad run on April 19th. I’m totally signing up. I won’t be running it as I’ll still be in rehab for it but I can hopefully jog part of it and I’ll definitely walk it. I’m thinking of creating a team of course I only have 6 days to do so. Okay I have longer than that but if I get it organized in the next 6 days we get the early bird price. So yeah I’ll be setting it up quick.  

So if you’re interested in joining me on April 19th for the run hit me up. 

You can check out the race info HERE

The second race is the color run which has yet to have a date published but it’s right in my backyard and I’m hoping that by the time that that one rolls around I’ll be able to run it. 

Bring on the Fun Runs. 

Got To Get Yourself These Things

A while back there was a kickstarted type campaign for these fitness gadgets. I watched the video, read some early reviews about them, and jumped on the chance to own them. I was able to get 2 for what the price of 1 is eventually going to be. Of course I had to wait several months for them to come as they were being refined, fine tuned, and built. Let me tell you it was completely worth the wait.
These little devices aren’t worn all day like a Fitbit or jawbone up, or any other fitness tracker. These devices are worn while working out for a specific thing. It’s linked to your phone via an app. Right now the apps, more on the plural of app in a bit, are only available on the iPhone but by December they are supposed to be available on Android.

This is what the device looks like. It’s called Moov. I choose to get one in each color when I ordered.
The way they work is you wear them on your wrist, ankle, and with later apps they may be used elsewhere.
When my Moovs arrived the only available app was for running. Great, the Moov tracks your movement and gives you realtime feedback about your form as well as keeping you on pace. I really haven’t used the run app much lately as my Moovs arrived right before moving and now that I am here I’ve been attending a lot of fitness classes and not really doing a lot of run training. Which, I need to get back into. Anyway, I tried it out and liked the feedback I was given and the overall user friendly nature of the app. I found wearing the Moov around my ankle, which is where you wear it for running was comfortable, which at first I wasn’t so sure of.
The Moov comes with both a ankle bracelet and a wrist bracelet. Along with this you get a charging cable and the little dock thing to charge the device on. Really simple to use and set up, when first starting the app it walks you through the setup which I think it took me all of 10 seconds to setup.
Just a few days ago The people at Moov released their newest app. The boxing app. They recommend using 2 Moovs for this exercise so that they can get a better idea of both arms working. I tried it out today, and ended up doing 10 rounds on the light level. As in, I’m not a boxer and let me get used to this. Let me tell you Holy Moly I was sweating up a storm by the time I was done. Also, let me tell you I had a ton of fun doing it. I wasn’t even aware of the fact that I just boxed for 20 minutes. After completing your workout they give you a whole breakdown of your results.



These are my results from today’s boxing adventure. As I do the workout more and more the hope is to see improvement. Let’s just say today I was breaking a serious sweat and doing some huffing and puffing. So, I’m excited to try it again and see how long it takes me to improve.
Sometime this month the people at Moov will be releasing their third app which is the swimming app. I probably won’t use that one as I don’t swim in a pool very often, and I’m not sure how it works being that you won’t have your phone in the water with you. So, in not sure how the feedback portion would work, you’d have to get it after your workout instead of while doing it as is the case with the other apps. November is the release of cycling, which again is probably not one I’ll use. And, December will bring Body Weight, which I’m excited about. I’ll definitely be using that one.
I can’t wait to see what else is going to come. During their first preorder push they were also showing things with golf and yoga. Well, all I can say is I hope that the yoga one really does happen, being that I’m becoming a true lover of yoga.
So, seriously check these guys out they are amazing and I love them. I like to get to see what I’m doing and the feedback is great. With each round of the boxing I did I was definitely listening to and making adjustments from the feedback given.
If you want to learn more about Moov check them out here
Thanks Moov, I think I’ll be adding boxing to my workout regimen.

Zoo Day!

Spent the day at the zoo and got in lots of steps. Good thing too since I morrow will be 12 hours spent in the car. But, hey it’s the last leg of the trip and tomorrow night I will be home sleeping in my own bed. And, then it’s back to yoga, T25, running, and looking at starting Krav Maga. Time to get my butt moving and in shape.

And, these guys were getting a bit frisky at the zoo today. I’m thinking there may be a baby in a few months.

Love My New Running Shoes

A fees days ago I posted about my new running shoes I purchased. SKORA’s Phase sneakers. If you missed it, you can catch up on it here
I started breaking them in and well I have to say I love them. They have a great arch support, lots of flexibility, lightweight, and breathable.
If you’re looking for a new minimalist/barefoot type running shoe you might want to check out SKORA and see if they will work for you. I completely took a chance on them buying them without ever testing them out, and it payed off. I know for some though when it comes to your running shoes that’s not something you do. I however love shoes and “collect” them as my husband would say, so if I hated them for running I had a new pair of sneakers to wear every day.
Happy Monday and Cinco de Mayo.

New Kicks

This morning the FedEx man delivered my new running shoes. They would of been here last week, but with us heading out of town I had FedEx put them on a vacation hold.
Anyway, this morning they arrived. I haven’t tried them out yet, other than to make sure they fit. But, they felt pretty awesome.
I love the barefoot/minimalist sneakers I don’t think I’ll ever go back to regular sneakers again. I have some New Balance, Nike, and Merrells. I’m currently running in my Merrell’s and I love them. I actually didn’t even get shin splints when I first started run training which I ALWAYS get, so right there was love.
The new kicks are again the barefoot type made by SKORA. I’ve never tried their sneakers before, but when they are having a sale and thanks to EveryMove I had $30 off a pai of sneakers I figured why not. I ended up paying half price for them. And, well if I don’t like them for running I have a cute pair of sneakers to wear.
I’ll let you know how I like them after a few weeks of testing them out.
Here’s a pic of them:

Yeah they are cute do either way score for me.
And, if you are not an EveryMove member yet sign up its free and you can earn discounts on all sorts of stuff.

I Might Be A Runner

Today, I did something I wasn’t sure if ever be able to do. So be warned this entire post will be me tooting my own horn. But, hey I’m proud of myself and had a major accomplishment for me anyway.
First I ran for 15 minutes straight. That’s right I started running and went for 15 minutes before going back to walk. The longest I’ve run at once up until today had been 10 minutes. So yeah an extra 5 minutes. I know for you runners out there it’s nothing, but for a girl that is not a runner this was huge. Second I didn’t feel like I was going to die nor was I gasping for breath at the end of the 15 minutes. So this means 2 things I can run longer and a bit faster. Two things I will be working on.
Second in those 15 minutes I ran a mile. Now I know that is not a fast mile at all, but hey it’s a start. I’m hoping to one day make it to a 10 minute mile and well I only have another 5 minutes to shave off. I can and will do it. Run training is really working.
I think I’ll be a real runner yet.

I’m Getting Closer

I’m continuing with this run training that I’ve set myself up with, and well let’s just say it’s difficult. I had to run for 90 seconds followed by 120 seconds, and it didn’t quite make it. I did the run but had to break it up more than the program had planned for me.

So, that’s okay, I’ll be repeating this week again in hopes that by this time next week running for 2 minutes at 6 mph is no big deal. Even though I needed to break the run periods up I did do the full 4 minutes of running in the program plus added another minute at 6 mph. So instead of doing 4 minutes I did 5 at 6 mph. So, not quite what I wanted, but I did push myself. I ended up doing 5, 1 minute runs instead of splitting it up into 2, 15 second runs, a 90 second run, and a 120 second run. I know I will get there and it’s going to take time, determination, work, and patience. And, well I have all of those things except the last one. Patience and I have never really been fond of one another. But, I’m learning and striving to reach the goal that I know I’ll achieve, and whether it’s in 8 weeks or 20 it doesn’t really matter as long as I get there.

Determination + Hard Work + Perseverance + Commitment = Results

It’s Getting Harder

I’ve been working on my run training diligently for the past 11 weeks, and well today I wanted to die.

I did the entire mile training program once before, but have since started it over in an attempt to get to that elusive 10 minute mile I’m chasing. Today, was the last day in week 3’s training. And, for week 3 I only run a total of 3 minutes. Not a lot by any means, but when running at 6mph, which is like a sprint for me right now it can be a lot. Especially, when it’s broken up into 2, 15 second bursts and 2,  75 second bursts.  The 15 second bursts I’ve got down those don’t phase me at all.  However, the 75 second bursts were awful. I ended up needing to hold on to the treadmill in order to make it through the entire time, and well after I was done I was definitely sucking wind, not to mention the tightness I felt in my chest. I’m a bit nervous because next week it’ll be 2 minutes straight of running and if I feel this way after 75 seconds how on earth am I going to be able to do it?

I am impressed with myself that I was able to pound it out and accomplish the run part today, but I know every day from here on out is just going to get harder, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to only spend one week on a training. I may be repeating some weeks to build up my stamina even more than the program creates. It’s ok if that’s what I need to do though, because the only person I am doing this for is me, and there is no timeline on completing this goal.

Even, with the run being difficult, after the training session was complete I did another 7 minutes of running at my normal speed, basically the fat man’s jog speed, but at least I’m doing it. So, even after being exhausted and a bit discouraged because of how hard I felt it was I did more and ran for a total of 10 minutes today. Which is a good thing. I just need to keep pushing, and working at it, and I know that it will get easier over time.

Happy running to all you runners out there.