Cize It Up

Today I threw in Cize by Shaun T. I did the Crazy 8’s workout. 

30 minutes of dancing fun. And well I’ll be honest my rhythm sucks and remembering how to Cha Cha Cha and all of that jazz, but I had fun and danced my tail off for 30 minutes. 

I enjoy doing Cize because yes you are working out definitely getting a good cardio workout in but it’s fun. I mean how can you not have fun listening to good beats and dancing around. 

And, seriously if you’re not getting the moves down its no big just keep moving. Plus, the way it’s taught it’s broken down really well and repeated over and over. You can get the concept and over time you’ll get better and better at it. I will probably never look like Shaun T and his dancers but hey I’m in my living room by myself so no one is watching me so it’s okay. Who cares if you look a fool when no one is watching. 

A little dancing fun and a whole lot of calorie burn. 

Yeah, I love looking at that. All from dancing. 

Bring on Friday I’m ready for you now. 


This morning I did my first Cize workout. I did Crazy 8’s. 

It was so much fun. 30 minutes of dancing and breaking a sweat. 

I had watched the video on Saturday so that I would have an idea of what was expected and well I’m not going to lie. I thought oh this will be easy I’ve got this. 

Hahahaha silly girl that I am. It’s a lot more moving and exertion than I thought it would be. I was sweating in the first 5 minutes. By the time the water break came I was more than ready for it. 

My next round I’ll be wearing my heart rate monitor to see how many calories I burn in just 30 minutes. 

I enjoyed every minute of the workout, and I wasn’t counting down the seconds till it was over. I was a little bummed when the workout was over. I had a lot of fun, and can’t wait for the next round. 

Cize, it’s not called the end of exercise for nothing. 

Even if you have no rhythm or think you can’t dance you need to check this out. It’s broken down to super easy steps and just continues to build on. I’ll be perfecting the moves over the next couple of days and can’t wait to see my improvements. 

I love exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise. 


Today is Day 20!!!! What!!!! I can’t believe that I’m 2/3 of the way through this round of Whole 30. It has been going so fast, and it’s definitely from all of the support and encouragement from the Facebook group I’m part of. 

So I’m more than half way done, I’m in the home stretch now, 10 days left, a week and a half. 

I’m a little nervous about the ending. I’ve been thinking about reintroduction and what foods I want to reintroduce and those I don’t. I know that gluten won’t be introduced at all so that’s one thing I don’t have to worry about. I definitely want to try cheese because well I love cheese and it is nice to have every once in a while. I plan on trying cheese and then going back back to Whole 30 for 2 days to see how my body reacts to it and then I’ll try dairy in other forms than cheese. Also I want to reintroduce rice and then later beans mainly chick peas since I love hummus. As for other beans I could care less. And, lastly I’ll be reintroducing corn, I don’t think I have an issue with corn but it’ll be good to really test it out and see for sure. With all of the items I want to reintroduce it will take about 2 weeks to do it right which works out perfect because by the time I’m done with the Whole 30 and my entire reintroduction phase the husband will be coming home and it’ll also be my birthday, so it works out perfectly. 

I know that this is the way for me to eat from now on and I need to stick with it and not fall off the wagon like I did last time. 

I feel better, my clothes are fitting better, and my skin is clearing up. It’ll be interesting to see what if any foods that I reintroduce have an effect on me. And, I am also interested to see how much if any weight I’ve lost. 

Clean whole food is the way to go and it’s not that hard to stick to it. Of course when the husband comes home I will have to plan meals a bit more in advance, but that’s okay it’ll all work out. 

Oh and today I watched Cize Crazy 8’s. I always watch the video before I do it so that I have somewhat of an idea what I’m in for. I am so excited for this. It is going to be so much fun. And, I’ll definitely be breaking a sweat by the time the workout is over.  I’m stoked. Thank you Shaun T for another amazing program!!!

Some Grrr Moments & Aaahhhhh Moments

Today has been a day of frustration and bliss. Yeah it’s one of those days. 

The Grrrrr moments involved mowing the lawn. I hate doing it and I’m allergic so I break out in hives, itch, get stuffy, and wheezy. So it’s just not fun. But, I got it done. I tamed the jungle that was the yard. Of course it’s hotter than Hades here so I was sweating and feeling exceptionally gross by the end. 

The other Grrrrr moment that really has me on edge is Cize. It’s Shaun T’s new program that is supposed to be released today and well it’s taking forever. Right now you can only buy it with Shakeology, well I don’t drink that nonsense and therefore don’t want to buy it. I just want the program. I called BeachBody they told me it’d be released today just the discs but still hasn’t happened yet. 

I’m sorry but I think if you are going to release something you do it not this ahhhh we will get to it when we get to it. I’m going to try a few more times tonight but if it’s not up I guess I’ll wait a while for it because this is just kind of crappy customer service. 

And, now for the Aaahhhh moment. I found this recipe the other day and decided to try it tonight and OMG I’m so glad I did. 

This was an amazing dish. Zoodles with avocado pesto sauce. Holy Cannoli!!! Yeah it was amazing. I wasn’t sure about it when I started making it I mean what’s pesto without Parmesan cheese, well this one uses nutritional yeast so I can eat it while doing Whole 30 and guess what so delicious. 

I’m seriously fighting the urge to go lick the bowl it’s that good. 

I topped my zoodles with some grilled chicken to complete my meal and I loved every bite of it. I’m thinking that I’ll be eating some leftovers tomorrow for lunch and will be eating it cold because I think it will be pretty tasty as a cold “pasta” salad type dish.

So, click right here to find the recipe and give it a try. 

You Know You’re Excited When…

  • You wake up in the middle of the night and promptly jump on the internet to purchase said item
  • Until you realize that it is not Monday yet
  • You were willing and ready to skip the weekend and jump to Monday so that you could purchase said item
  • You have literally had a dream about it
  • You are hoping its offered on Amazon so that you can get 2 day Prime shipping, and are even contemplating paying for overnight shipping
  • You’re posting your blog at 7:30 am because you’re up and wired thinking about it and need to tell someone about it

What is it that I’m so excited about you ask. I will tell you. Now, I’m not a BeachBody coach nor am I encouraging you to join them or anything like that. I’m not a Shakeology person, never tried the stuff and don’t care too I don’t check out their challenges or anything like that. 

But, I am a Shaun T fan. Hip Hop Abs, yup I love it. Insanity, holy mother of pearl does that nonsense work. T25 love love love it. I’ve done all 3 of these workout programs designed by Shaun T and love them. Okay, I love it when I finished the days workout during the workout I’m cursing Shaun T up a storm, asking why he hates me, but I love it. I really enjoy his “training” style and the workout I get from his programs. Everyone of his programs that I’ve done I’ve seen results. They work! Insanity and T25 even with not eating the best I saw inches come off and I definitely got stronger, which was what I was looking for. 

Well now Mr Shaun T has a new program coming out called Cize, and it’s all about dance. I’m totally stoked for this. I love going to Zumba class and well this is Shaun T so I can just imagine how serious this is going to get. I’ve seen some previews of the program and it looks like lots of fun. It’s called Cize the end of exercise since they say you won’t even realize you’re exercising. I’m down for that. 

So, as you can imagine Monday I’ll be ordering my copy of Cize and trying it out. I’m basically like a kid at Christmas waiting for the opportunity to get my hands on it. Of course even after I order it I’ll still be waiting for it to arrive on my doorstep. And, man if it’s not available on Amazon I’ll be waiting even longer for it as the shipping from BeachBody is nowhere near as quick as Amazon Prime. Yeah, I’m getting excited and worked up about it all at once. 

How about you are there any at home workouts that you absolutely love and have to have?

Week 2 DONE

Week 2 of Gamma is done. And, I’ll be the first to say that those 25 minutes of every day kick my ass and make me push myself, but I’m kicking Gamma’s ass!!!!
After I finish this cycle I’m going to start the whole program over and hopefully sometime soon I’ll be doing no modifications.
Thanks Shaun T and Focus T25 for making me work hard and to become a stronger person.

Gamma Cycle Week 1 DONE

Today was the completion of Week 1 of the Gamma Cycle. And, I’m not going to say it was easy by any means, but I’m also proud to say I completed it. It was definitely some of the hardest 25 minutes of working out I’ve done, but I was able to do it, and even nailed some of it.
If you’re wondering if the program works well I can tell you this 11 weeks ago I would of never come close to making it through the first 5 minutes of any of these work outs. And, well I not only made it trough them but I was doing it and keeping up with them. So yes the program works. I’m getting stronger and fitter every day. I even did some of the real moves instead of the modified versions. That’s something I never thought I’d be able to say that. Thanks Shaun T and Focus T25!

T25 Beta Week 1 Done

I’ve been posting a lot about T25 this week, but hey it’s been my first week of Beta Phase, and well it’s kicking my butt.
It’s not only kicking my butt physically but mentally. Today was tough for me. It was Double Day Friday, and well I’m pretty sure at one point I was in tears. I was telling myself I can’t do this, but then I did what the program says and Focused. It was hard, and I was exhausted afterwards as in I wasn’t sure I was even going to make it through the cool down stretch after the second workout. I did it though and I’m proud of myself. Was it done well, did I keep up with them. Yeah, right. I was nearly on the ground following the modified version and the last 10 minutes of the second workout I was really struggling, but I kept with it and didn’t quit. I know that every day and every week it will get just a bit better, but today was definitely a test of my willpower and perseverance and keeping the self-doubt talk out of my head. Because, I can and did do it.
Bring on Week 2


I’ve completed 4 days of T25 Beta Phase, and well I’m not really lookin forward to tomorrow’s Double Day Friday, but I’ll push through and do it.
However, my flutes are definitely feeling this phase. Man, I don’t remember having the muscle soreness that I am currently experiencing with the Alpha Phase. I mean I could have it was 5 weeks ago, an I’ve just forgotten it because it went away and I did worked my butt off to be able to accomplish the Phase.
As I expected Beta is currently kicking my butt, however I know as long as I stick with it every day is going to get a little better. All I have to do is make it through tomorrow and then I have a couple days off from Shaun T’s own brand of torture.
T25 you may kick my butt, but it’s going to look good.