A Little Getaway

The husband and I decided to head to DC for the weekend and do a little Smithsonian touring.
After my double gym classes, grocery shopping, and him finishing up at the office we threw our bags in the car yesterday afternoon and made the drive up to DC.
We got up this morning and took the metro into The National Mall and took in a couple of museums. We started off at the American History Museum. Hello Ruby Red Slippers and Archie Bunker’s chair.
We checked out all of the exhibits but, of course I was there for those Ruby Red Slippers.
After checking out he exhibits at the American History Museum we headed next door to the Natural Museum of History. Here we saw dinosaurs and the Hope Diamond. Yeah, I’m trying to figure out how to get that on my neck.
After we saw all we wanted to see at the Museum of Natural History it was off to the Smithsonian Castle, so that we could say hey we went in the castle.
It was a full day of site seeing and tomorrow we will go back for more.
And, well I’m getting lots of walking in so at least I’m still being active and I’ve been doing well on selecting healthy food options while eating out for every meal. It’s been a great day.

Road Trips Suck For Getting Steps

Today we headed to South Dakota to do a little site seeing. We’ve checked out some cool things already for only being here for a few hours. However, it’s been a lot of sitting in the car, and well that does little to get 15,000 steps in.
It’s 6:30 and I only have half my steps for the day in. I will get them in if it means walking in place in the hotel room, but still. Car rides and road trips were something I used to love, but now I’m sitting here thinking about all of the walking and activity I could be getting in. Needless to say every time we stop I’m jogging and trying to be as active as possible. Dang you fitbit and my obsession with you.
Tomorrow we will be doing a lot more walking around at sites so getting steps in won’t be as hard, but I definitely am no longer a fan of road trips. So much wasted time when I could be getting my steps in. Hmmmm, I wonder if I can talk the husband into getting a motor home so that while he is driving I can walk the length of the RV. Then we could road trip and I could get my steps in.
Happy Tuesday!