Small Business Saturday

One of my favorite small businesses just announced their small business Saturday sale, and it’s awesome. 

Thick 2 Thin is a clothing company for everyone. I’ve blogged about them before actually I’ve blogged about them several times well today is no different. I’m doing it again. 

Thick 2 Thin prides themselves on being available to everyone. One of their mottos is, “We are all athletes” which is so true. No matter where we are on the journey we are all athletes, out there doing something. No matter if your a size 20 or a 2 you’re out there working on yourself, wether it’s your first day at the gym, or you’re training for your 48th marathon you are an athlete. And, well Thick 2 Thin not only supports that, but encourages, and embraces it. 

I have tons of shirts from this company each with something inspiring on it. On days when I’m headed for a workout and just am not feeling it I dig through the Thick 2 Thin drawer, yes I have an entire drawer, and find the right shirt to help motivate me. It could be anything from We are all Wonder Woman, I’m not training to be skinny I’m training to be badass, or even Buts don’t make Butts. And, that is just a very few of the inspiring and motivating sayings on the tanks, long sleeves, tees, and sweatshirts. Perhaps one of my favorite sayings is Do More Suck Less, and on those days where I need a little reminder of who I am I pull out the I’m a BAMF shirt, because well I am.

They are releasing their new line of new sayings shortly and I’ve already placed a preorder in which I can’t wait to receive the order. Actually I have one item already on the way. 

Anyway, the Small Business Saturday sale is out and it’s pretty dang awesome. 

From Thick 2 Thin Facebook post to this we BFFs, which I am most definitely one of. 

Hi Ladies! We wanted to let you know about our deals for Small Business Saturday!!! We don’t do black friday deals, because we love to push Small Business Saturday instead ­čÖé That and, frankly, black friday is getting out of control and I’m pissed that stores open on thanksgiving now! HA! 
Anyways, our deal for everyone will be 20% off, Free Shipping, and a $20 gift card for all orders over $100! 
BUT, this time, you’ll be able to use your code, and so will your friends, and you’ll get 30% off! 
How does that sound??

Seriously, sounds pretty amazing right. So click yourself right on over to Thick 2 Thin on Saturday and take advantage of this amazing sale. 

And, if you’re interested in the code for an additional 10% off let me know and I’ll gladly share it. 

Turkey Day is nearly here.