Well Damn

It’s Kickball Monday!!!!

Of course as I was leaving the house my left ankle which is a mess and rolls all of the time decided to roll as I was stepping down which then caused my right ankle to roll and well I’ll be calling the orthopedic tomorrow to get in and get this thing looked at. 

So, this of course meant I was sitting the bench. I cheered for my team and kept score. It was a good game and we pulled out the win. 

Next week will be our last week of kickball. And well that just sucks. This kickball stuff is so much fun. I’m going to miss this rag tag group until next season. 


This morning I did my first Cize workout. I did Crazy 8’s. 

It was so much fun. 30 minutes of dancing and breaking a sweat. 

I had watched the video on Saturday so that I would have an idea of what was expected and well I’m not going to lie. I thought oh this will be easy I’ve got this. 

Hahahaha silly girl that I am. It’s a lot more moving and exertion than I thought it would be. I was sweating in the first 5 minutes. By the time the water break came I was more than ready for it. 

My next round I’ll be wearing my heart rate monitor to see how many calories I burn in just 30 minutes. 

I enjoyed every minute of the workout, and I wasn’t counting down the seconds till it was over. I was a little bummed when the workout was over. I had a lot of fun, and can’t wait for the next round. 

Cize, it’s not called the end of exercise for nothing. 

Even if you have no rhythm or think you can’t dance you need to check this out. It’s broken down to super easy steps and just continues to build on. I’ll be perfecting the moves over the next couple of days and can’t wait to see my improvements. 

I love exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise.