Week 14 Recap

So this week has been something. This week brought me my highest step day ever, and also some really lazy feeling days. But, I’ve gotten through it. I may have not wanted to get up and do my workouts, but I did do them, and I met my goals. So, it was a successful week. I don’t know if I had a weight loss or gain this week since I’ve been out of town and am at a hotel there is no scale, and I refuse to bring one with me on a weekend away. So my stats will be missing that, but tomorrow I’ll hop on the scale and see how I did.

And, now for the stats:

  • 88,445 total steps
  • 20,243 steps in one day
  • 12,996 daily average steps
  • 21,120 calories burned
  • 3,104 daily average calories burned
  • 7 hours very active
  • 63 minutes daily average very active
  • 8,931 calorie deficit

Even with several days feeling the lack of motivation I did alright. Now to figure out how I’ll get my steps, and workouts in with a 5 hour car ride. I’ll do it somehow.

Week 13 Recap

This week has been a productive week. The husband came home and I’ve still continued to eat within my meal plan, and do all of my planned exercise. I’ve had to adjust my workouts and times doing them a little this week, but it’s been an eye opener for me to know that even with the change in plan I still find a way to get it done.

I’m a little disappointed because this week I didn’t see a change on the scale, but I know that I’m losing inches so I’m becoming healthier and fitter even if the scale isn’t moving. I’m hoping that I can get the metabolism going this week and see a change in the scale next week. I am not going to let this discourage me that’s for sure. I like this new me that works out and has more energy. I may not always want to start the workout, but once I start I’m in it and glad that I’ve done it.

And, now for the stats:

  • 87,139 steps
  • 12,016 daily average steps – up 12% from last week!
  • 21,165 calories burned
  • 3,018 daily average calories burned
  • 38.28 miles
  • 5.29 daily average miles
  • 7 hours and 32 minutes of very active activity
  • 62 minutes daily average of active activity
  • 10,419 calorie deficit

Even though the number on the scale didn’t change my stats are looking pretty awesome, and I know that I’ve been working hard and will continue to do so.

Weekly Recap 4

Yesterday, I didn’t do my weekly recap, because it was a big day, it marked the end of my first month on this journey.

I thought I’d go over my results from this past week. It was another week where things went well, even though I faced a few challenges. I wasn’t feeling completely motivated on some days, and had to overcome a slight weight gain, although there was a reason behind the slight gain.

I overcame the small obstacles, and powered through the week, and had a successful week. Any week that I stay committed to this new lifestyle is a success.

Here are last weeks stats:

  • 56,464 total steps
  • 7,547 daily average
  • 20,131 calories burned
  • 2,923 daily average calories burned
  • 24.69 miles walked
  • 3.31 daily average miles walked
  • 3 hours 21 minutes of very active activity
  • 27 minutes daily average of very active minutes
  • 8,043 calorie deficit
  • 1.6 pounds lost

Some of these numbers are lower than last week, but still above the goals I had set for myself for the week. I love the fact that I’m finding ways to become more active in my daily life along with incorporating daily workouts into my day.

It Was An Early Morning

I’m a nanny for a family here in Wyoming, well part-time nanny. The kids go to school and daycare all day, but I go over and watch them before dropping off at school and daycare and then pick them up after their day until mom and/or dad get home.

Usually, my days when nannying start at 6:20ish. Well that’s when I arrive at their house. Today, was different, mom is out-of-town at a conference and well dad always has to be at work early. Life of the oil industry, I know it well my husband is an engineer in the field as well. This morning I had to be at the house at 5:30, and well if you know anything about me, mornings are not my thing. However, I decided last night that I’d make the best use of the 90 minutes before the kids get up, and I get my workouts for the day done. I packed a bag with my yoga mat and DVD, and also my kettlebell and DVD. I was ready.

The pre-packing of my equipment made it pretty much impossible for me to not workout. I had lugged the heavy bag with me, and I had everything I needed, there were no excuses. And, well I did it! By 7am this morning I had done my strength training and yoga workouts and was on my way to reaching my daily steps goal.

As much as I don’t really care for early mornings, it was nice to be done with my workouts by 7, and once I got home at 8:45 I had the whole day to do whatever I wanted. I didn’t come home and immediately set out to do my workouts, I’d already completed them. I of course will not be getting up at 5:30 every morning, but on days when I do have an early morning I’ll make the plan and get the exercising out-of-the-way.

And, I’m finally feeling more energetic, I’m not feeling the blah way I have the last 2 days, I’m going to make it through this.