26 Down, 4 To Go

The 26th day of the Whole 30. It’s been a good day. However, I’m finding this week to be going slow. And, I know it’s because I’m almost done. I have 4 days left and I’m getting a bit antsy. It doesn’t help that there was the holiday mixed in here and I’ve been planning the New Years Day Party we are having here. And, the food I’ll be making is Paleo, however not all of it is Whole 30 compliant. Since I will be done with my Whole 30 that’s ok. Although, I’m definitely going to be sticking close to the principles of it. And, I’m sure I’ll be doing another Whole 30 in a few months.
This morning for breakfast I made my 3 ingredient pancakes, egg, banana, and cinnamon.
Lunch I used some more of my homemade BBQ sauce with sliced deli turkey and dumped it over my salad. I finished off the meal with clementines.
For dinner tonight I had some leftover Italian sausage and eggplant strata with pizza veggies. The pizza veggies are delicious, however I used a lot of veggies and should of doubled up the sauce. It was still really good, but a little more sauce on them would of been phenomenal. This is another recipe from the Well Fed cookbook series. The meal was finished off with some applesauce, unsweetened of course. As in the only ingredients in my applesauce is organic apples.
I went and did the majority of the grocery shopping I had to do. There are a few items I need to pick up for the week but mostly the party. I’ll do that in a few days.
I finished the office today, which that project was huge. Holy crow did my husband make a mess in there. Hopefully, I’ve got it organized enough for him and have created a organized ease of use office that it will stay that way. Although, somehow I feel after 2 days of him being home it’ll be trashed again.
Oh well what are you going to do.
Here’s a picture of the yummy food for the day.