Crazy Busy Day

Today has been crazy. I’ve been going since 7:30 this morning. I got up made myself breakfast, packed myself a lunch, and headed out to do a full days worth of stuff. 

The morning started off with a haircut, followed by some pampering me time. My eyebrows were in serious need of attention, so those were taken care of, followed up by a mani/pedi. Because, well my nails needed some attention after all the moving and cleaning I’ve been doing. 

After my pampering session it was off to pick up some much needed organizational baskets for the bathroom. So that had me running around to different stores to get what I wanted and needed. 

Then it was off to work for 4 hours. Work was pretty uneventful, but by 3 when I arrived I was starving and promptly ate my lunch. 

I didn’t get home till nearly half past 7 and of course my dogs were acting like I had left them for months. I am happy to say that they didn’t escape the yard nor destroy anything so hey that’s a win. 

And, well now I’m enjoying some dinner and watching some AGT. 

Glad that even with the craziness of the day I was able to plan and stay on plan. Whoop making progress. 

Happy Hanukkah

Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah

And, tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  With tomorrow being Thanksgiving, I’ve created a plan for myself to keep the complete overeating and indulging to a minimum.

First, my workouts. I will be torturing myself again by doing Ballet Beautiful’s 1 hour total body workout, followed by yoga. I also will be hitting the treadmill for an hour broken up into 20 minute sessions.  These sessions will be occurring while I’m making the yumminess that I will be taking over to the Wolfpack’s Thanksgivukkah feast.  By adding the hour of treadmill time in I should be able to get my daily step goal in, as well as burn some extra calories.

I’ve planned and well have been telling myself over and over again that I will stick to one serving of each food that I am eating, and also will watch the “serving” I put on my plate.

I think I’very prepared myself as best I can for tomorrow, and if I do overindulge it won’t be the end of the world, I’m just planning on not.

Happy Hanukkah to all of you who celebrate.

Go Picnic

The last 2 days resulted in 10 hours in a car. Not that great for being active, but I made a plan and stuck with it.  I’m happy to say that both yesterday and today I reached my daily step goal, along with getting my planned workouts in. It’s all about making time for them.

Anyone, that has driven long distances in a car knows that road stops are rarely nutritious. It’s even harder for me to find a healthy alternative to the chips and candy offered at the gas station/convienance stores along the highway. I’m first a vegetarian and second I can’t have gluten. Yeah, what the heck am I supposed to eat from a gas station.  Ok, if we are being truly honest there is nothing at a gas station that anyone should eat, but you make due with what’s available.

One of the grocery stores we have here in Wyoming has these great boxed meals.  They are called Go Picnic. And, well I’m in love with them. They offer all different boxes, and lucky me they even have gluten-free ones. They offer several different snacks in the box that are all healthy, and they throw in a treat as well. Today, on the drive I had one of these boxes, and it’s more than enough to fill me up. I actually ate more as individual snacks than a meal, since I tend to snack on car rides rather than stop and eat an actual meal. I just like to get where I am going, and stopping to eat just isn’t really on my agenda. The Go picnic box I had included crackers and sunbutter, a trail mix that was seeds! dried fruit and mini chocolate chips, a fruit strip, think fruit roll up type thing! and chocolate chip cookies. Everything was delicious and gluten-free. The entire box was 490 calories, and well the food I ate was more nutritionally sound than the bag of Doritos I would have grabbed at the gas station.

I’m super excited about finding these little gems, I can store them in my car and will have a snack or full meal at the ready. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the price, but I have found them on Amazon at a bit cheaper price. Plus I can order a variety pack, and get a few of each of the different flavors. I see an Amazon Prime order in my near future.

Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday, and sticking to your plan.