A Bit Stressed

I’m a bit stressed.  The husband and I have put our house on the market, and well last night we had people come look at it.  Which, this is a good thing since it’s not even listed on MLS yet, it’s just from signs being in the yard.  Anyway, I ran home from work last night, vacuumed the house, did a quick mop, loaded the dogs in the car and headed out, so that they could look at the house.  I of course have major anxiety about strangers being in my house, while I’m not there, and well yes they have a realtor with them, but I don’t know them either.  Then of course I came home and nearly lost my marbles.  I had left the outside lights on so that I could see when I got home, they of course turned all of those lights off, but left several other lights in the house on.  I also have several doors in the house closed, so as to keep the dogs out, so that I can keep the vacuuming down to a minimum, you guessed it all left wide open.  But, the thing that sent me way over the edge was the clumps of dried mud that were left all over my house.  Are you serious!?  People come on, this is my home, I live here, it’s not like you are coming into a house that no one lives in.  I keep my house clean, and not only that, but I vacuumed right before you came in, and now I have to do it again because you tracked mud all over.  Yeah, I’m going to need Valium or Xanax to get through this experience.  I know that when my husband and I were looking at homes, we were not disrespectful, and made sure the house was left the way in which we found it.

And, now let’s talk about my poor dogs.  My older dog, Bonnie, lost her marbles when we came home.  She immediately knew someone had been in the house, and raced into the room that they left the lights on barking and growling.  She was not impressed by strangers being in our house while we were out.  It took her about an hour to calm down.  I think she’s going to need some Xanax as well.  Our younger dog ran around terrified because she knew Bonnie was flipping out.

I told my husband I need to move out in order to get through this selling the house thing, well either that or be highly medicated.  Ughhhh!

Anyway, I am proud of myself for a couple of reasons, one I am an emotional eater, and when I’m stressed out I reach for the chocolate.  However, I have not done that, I’ve continued to stick to my plan, and am dealing with the stress by just being more active.  Today I’ve done 30 minutes of Kettlebells, 20 minutes of Yoga, 25 minutes on the treadmill, and 45 minutes of shoveling snow.  And, speaking of shoveling snow, my normal response to snow is it’ll melt, I’m not dealing with it.  However, since people may be coming to look at the house at anytime, I knew I needed to keep the house looking good.  So I went out shoveled the walkway, driveway, and all of the sidewalks.  We do have a snowblower but it was only 2 inches, and well the snowblower is heavy and really hard for me to use.  It probably would have been a bit faster to use it rather than shoveling by hand, but it’s okay because I got my heart rate up and some steps and a bit of a workout in.  Of course if there were several more inches on the ground I’d be using the snowblower.  Either way it’s an improvement over how I used to react to snow.

Here’s hoping I can start dealing with people being in my house, and that I continue to find positive ways to deal with the stress, and don’t revert back to the negative coping skills I’ve used in the past.