Tai Chi & Yoga

Today, was yet another day I traveled to a different gym to try out another yoga class and different instructor.
This class was a 90 minute class with the first 30 minutes being Tai Chi followed by 60 minutes of yoga.
The tai chi class was great and I really enjoyed it. A million times more than I did with the tai chi I was taking elsewhere.
The yoga class was great. It was yet another completely different style than what I’ve experienced before. This one was all about working out. We did a ton of abdominal work, and yeah my abs sure can feel all the work they did earlier today. We also did a lot of flowing poses in Warrior and Triangle. Well you can say that my flutes, quads, and hamstrings are feeling the work as well.
The instructor was a lot of fun as well. She was completely different from other instructors in that she was cracking jokes and talking to us about every day stuff. Which was a complete change from what I’m used to.
I will definitely head back to take the class again.
Monday, I’m checking out a Zumba class and than seeing how I’m feeling I will hit up the yoga class after.

Tai Chi

I’ve been doing yoga on Saturday mornings, but my instructor is on vacation this week. So, instead I took a Tai Chi class. I’m still undecided about it.
The instructor even informed us before we started that our first couple of classes we would probably be bored, and well yes I was. I understand that we need to develop the basics and learn how to do the steps properly in order to get the flow and effect of Tai Chi. However, 30 minutes learning how to move forward was a bit much. I did learn a lot and worked on balance and staying focused in the moment, but I feel I need it to progress a bit faster.
I will be going to the second class to see if moves a bit faster since I know today’s class was an introduction and there were a lot of things we needed to learn and understand. So I will be checking out class 2 and hoping it’s more doing and less talking. After class 2 I will be able to make a more informed decision on wether or not I want to keep up with it.
Have any of you tried Tai Chi, and if so what are your thoughts on it?

Yoga Saturday

I decided to take the plunge, and bought a 5 class pass to the Yoga Studio I went to last Sunday night. By buying the pass I saved myself $2 a class.
There is a Saturday morning yoga flow class offered every week, and well that fits into my schedule nicely. As in I have nothing to do from 9-10 am. The class is also taught by Liz, who is the same teacher I had for the Sunday night class. I really like her, and she gives ways of improving your individual practice, and also by starting each class with asking if there are any requests for things that you want to do in the class.
Today’s class was pretty awesome in that we did a circle flow series. We ended up facing each direction on our mat. At first it was a little confusing, but once we had gone through it a few times, it became easy and flowed together amazingly well. I’ve done yoga at home with DVDs a lot, but I have definitely found that when I’m in a class my flow and breathing are so much better. I really enjoyed this new to me yoga flow, and might even be able to remember enough of it to try it on my own.
Of course I am already looking at next weeks schedule to see which class I want to take. I may even try a class with a different instructor. Who knows.
The Yoga Studio also is doing a Tai Chi workshop this summer and I’m considering it, but I would be missing 2 of the 8 classes due to being back in NY. So I’m not sure if it’s worth the cost or not. Also, I’m not sure about missing 2 classes in a row how that will affect the rest of the classes. I’ll have to talk to the instructor about that.
Anyway, I think I’m becoming a Yogi.
Happy Saturday.