River Walk

Once again the weather has been wonderful here in Wyoming of course we are looking at frozen mix this weekend. So, needless to say we are taking full advantage of the weather.
Today we took the dogs to the river walk. It’s a trail that goes along the river, and it’s nice that we don’t have to cross streets and worry about any traffic. We just have to load the dogs in the car to take them there.
And, today these 2 crazy canines of ours got a workout we did 5.14 miles. The poor things are exhausted. But, hey maybe that means they will let us sleep tonight instead of waking us up and wanting to play at 2:30 in the morning.
We broke the walk up a little bit since the trail is not a loop. We did one direction came back to the car gave the dogs and ourselves some water and also let the dogs play in the river for a bit. We then headed in the opposite direction for another mile after in which we turned around and headed back to the car. They both pretty much collapsed. Although, they were super happy with life when we stopped at Hamburger Stand to get drinks at the drive thru and the guy gave them each a whole hotdog. Usually, they get one to share, but today they each got a whole one. They lasted for about 0.02 seconds before they were completely devoured.
It was a great 90 minutes spent with the husband enjoying each others company, getting some exercise in, and occupying the dogs.
Tomorrow we are heading for the Black Hills of South Dakota, without the dogs, they are going to go play at their favorite place on Earth, also known as doggie day care. Plus I think they need a break from walking, I think today’s trip wore them out.
Happy Monday!