Getting Ready To Say Goodbye To Dallas

Today is the last day here in Dallas for me. I fly out early tomorrow morning. Spent the day roaming around Traders Village. A ridiculously huge flea market complete with amusement park. 

Followed that up with dinner in Roanoke Texas which according to them is the Unique Dining Capitol of Texas. Which from seeing the town and the restaurants I’m willing to go with it. We ate at the Twisted Root Burger Company and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was a good meal. 

I’ve had a great time here in Texas. 

Tomorrow it’s back to VA. 

On The Road

I’m in Texas for the next day 10 days. I’m spending time with the husband while he is working here and checking out the great state of Texas while I’m at it. 

The only thing with traveling and being in a hotel is eating clean and healthy. I love traveling and going to new places but I do miss my kitchen and being able to make meals. 

I have healthy snacks but that only takes me so far.