Beautiful Day

  It’s a beautiful day and looks like it’s going to continue into the evening here. I’m enjoying the spring like feel of the day. 
On another note my friends over at Thick2Thin who I absolutely love are doing a huge sale on their clothing as they are about to launch a new business plan. So  

Head on over to t2t and get yourself some amazing fitness clothes and help support small business. 

Love These Pants

  I’ve written about Thick to Thin several times. Well I’m writing to tell you about their loose fit Athlete pants. 

I received them in the mail this week and the weather today was perfect for wearing some comfy sweats. I decided what better time than now to try them out. And, OMG love them. They are loose fitting, so soft, and warm. 

I’m in love with these sweat pants I think I will be ordering another pair so that I have a pair to wear at anytime. No need to worry about a pair being in the wash. They are perfect to throw over my shorts from working out at the gym or in the case today bumming/working around the house. 


Thick-to-Thin logo


Athlete written down the leg

They also have fitted pants with Athelte written down the leg, compression pants with different motivating sayings. 

And, let’s not forget about all of the tops they offer from tanks, sweatshirts, to long sleeve tees.   

  My newest long sleeve tee thanks to T2T. 

Be sure to check out this small business that reminds all women that #Weareallathletes no matter where on the journey we are. 

Check them out here and you can use code VAAR14 and get 10% off your order. 

Small Business Saturday

One of my favorite small businesses just announced their small business Saturday sale, and it’s awesome. 

Thick 2 Thin is a clothing company for everyone. I’ve blogged about them before actually I’ve blogged about them several times well today is no different. I’m doing it again. 

Thick 2 Thin prides themselves on being available to everyone. One of their mottos is, “We are all athletes” which is so true. No matter where we are on the journey we are all athletes, out there doing something. No matter if your a size 20 or a 2 you’re out there working on yourself, wether it’s your first day at the gym, or you’re training for your 48th marathon you are an athlete. And, well Thick 2 Thin not only supports that, but encourages, and embraces it. 

I have tons of shirts from this company each with something inspiring on it. On days when I’m headed for a workout and just am not feeling it I dig through the Thick 2 Thin drawer, yes I have an entire drawer, and find the right shirt to help motivate me. It could be anything from We are all Wonder Woman, I’m not training to be skinny I’m training to be badass, or even Buts don’t make Butts. And, that is just a very few of the inspiring and motivating sayings on the tanks, long sleeves, tees, and sweatshirts. Perhaps one of my favorite sayings is Do More Suck Less, and on those days where I need a little reminder of who I am I pull out the I’m a BAMF shirt, because well I am.

They are releasing their new line of new sayings shortly and I’ve already placed a preorder in which I can’t wait to receive the order. Actually I have one item already on the way. 

Anyway, the Small Business Saturday sale is out and it’s pretty dang awesome. 

From Thick 2 Thin Facebook post to this we BFFs, which I am most definitely one of. 

Hi Ladies! We wanted to let you know about our deals for Small Business Saturday!!! We don’t do black friday deals, because we love to push Small Business Saturday instead ­čÖé That and, frankly, black friday is getting out of control and I’m pissed that stores open on thanksgiving now! HA! 
Anyways, our deal for everyone will be 20% off, Free Shipping, and a $20 gift card for all orders over $100! 
BUT, this time, you’ll be able to use your code, and so will your friends, and you’ll get 30% off! 
How does that sound??

Seriously, sounds pretty amazing right. So click yourself right on over to Thick 2 Thin on Saturday and take advantage of this amazing sale. 

And, if you’re interested in the code for an additional 10% off let me know and I’ll gladly share it. 

Turkey Day is nearly here. 

New Merchandise 

Today was an exciting day, not for my wallet but for my workout wardrobe it sure is. 

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ve heard me talk about From Thick To Thin. It’s a small business created by a woman who creates tanks, tees, other tops, and even some sweats and capris that are filled with fun, motivational, and inspirational sayings geared toward fitness. The company’s tag line is #weareallatheltes. 

I love this tag line because no matter where we are on this particular journey we are all doing the best we can and are an athlete. Weather you are 300+ pounds and can barely walk a mile or are 130 pounds of pure muscle we are athletes of some level. 

I love supporting small businesses and she has continued to get my business over the last several months since I’ve discovered her. My husband continues to say, “I don’t know who this thick to thin woman but I’m clearly paying for her house.” To say that I but a lot of her merchandise may be an understatement. 

I love what she stands for and I love the comments I get on the tops I wear. Not, only are the clothes fun, bright, and encouraging, but they fit really well. Also, she’s very concerned with quality. On more than one occasion I’ve gotten an email letting me know my order or part of my order is delayed due to the printing being wrong and it’s being sent back to the printers to be redone. 

Not only is she creating this clothing line but she also has done a Google group that focused on nutrition. Also she recently just asked if people would be interested in doing a women’s retreat, in which its focus is on fitness, exercise, and nutrition. I’m totally stoked about this idea and hope that it works out. I would love to meet other women that are interested in the same things as me and also in love with Thick to Thin. 

Anyway, today she released the new spring/summer line, and I’m in love. I picked out about $200 worth of merchandise. Now to figure out how to convince the husband that I need all of this. Who am I kidding I’m ordering it anyway. 


There’s a little teaser of what’s available. But seriously go check out her new line. You can do it by simply clicking right here.

If you order this weekend it’s free shipping in the US. So, do it check it out. Let them know that Abby sent you over, and be sure to include your pant size in the comments at checkout as one lucky person will be receiving 5 pairs of compression capris free with their order as part of a giveaway. So now’s the time to try them out if you haven’t already and if you have then it’s time to go back and get some more goods. 

It’s About To Get Worse


It’s safe to say that I have tons of thick-to-thin merchandise. I have almost every thing that is offered in the store. 

Every time a new tank comes out I quickly purchase it. Sweatshirts, long sleeves, pants, yup I grab them too. 

They have released a new design yesterday in several different shirt options. I’ve tried to contain myself by only purchasing 2 of the 5 shirts. Yeah I have a slight problem it’s okay I admit it. But, when you have these shirts that are motivational, fun, and a conversation starter you can’t help but want to own them. 

Today, I had physical therapy and if you saw my post yesterday it’s pretty much pure torture. So today I wore this tank:´╗┐


Because sometimes I need to remind myself that I am in fact Badass! And, let me tell you the exercises hurt but I plowed through them and owned them. I may be out of the gym for a while until this heals and I’m injury free, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be Badass in physical therapy. 

Every time I wear one of these shirts I get people asking me about them and where I found them. I tell everyone to check it out. 

And, well I have no plan to stop buying the merchandise because I love it, but my husband will be a bit happier as I signed up to be part of a focus group for the company and was picked! ­čśâ Yay!  And, well being part of the focus group came with a bonus. Accumulate points and get a free tank. Uhmmmm so see husband of mine who I love dearly I’ll get a free tank from time to time. It’s a good thing that I’m so in love with this company. 

If you are looking for some fun inspiring and motivating workout gear check out Thick-to-Thin. They are pretty BADASS!

Just What I Needed

There is a company that sells workout clothes that all have some saying on them. I’m pretty sure I own nearly every piece of said clothing.
The company is called From Thick To Thin, and well they rock. It’s a small business owned by a woman who is a Crossfitter and decided that she wanted to sell clothing that inspired people.
And, well her items have inspired me. I love wearing the tanks I get from her. As they all have fun, clever sayings on them. Plus, everyone who sees me in them reads them and laughs. They all have their favorites. I love them all.
This year she started a tank of the month club. Every month members of the club get a new tank that is exclusive to the club members. It means if you’re not in the club then you’re not getting the tank.
January’s tank is something that I was and still totally in love with. New Year Best Me. And, those are words that I am living by this year. I’m working at eating healthy all of the time and working out, well until the knee decided to give me a forced rest period that is.
I want this year to be my best year yet. I’m working hard at losing the extra weight, but more importantly being the fittest and healthiest I can be.
I’m a bit bummed with the knee injury and the fact that I’m out of the gym for at least a month. Uhmmm!!!! Yikes. I’ll be doing lots of upper body work I think so that I’m still doing something. And, well my arms are pretty wimpy anyway and could use some work, and since the legs are on vacation no better time than now.
Anyway, with the knee injury and feeling a bit bummed about life my February tank of the month shirt came yesterday and well it’s perfect for what I’m going through.

You May See Me Struggle But You’ll Never See Me Quit.
And, well I needed to see those words because I’m definitely struggling right now but I’m not going to quit, and well this shirt is definitely a great reminder of that.
The best part about this company is that it’s geared toward everyone no matter where you are on this journey. If you’re just starting out or a seasoned athlete it embraces everyone.
So, if you’re looking for some funny, witty, clever, and/or inspiring words on your workout gear check thick to thin out. All you have to do is click right here,and you’ll be on your way.

Thick 2 Thin

I’ve found a new company that I love. The company is owned by a woman and she does a blog about fitness and health among other things. A recent post was about the Bethany Frankel photo that was just posted. Along with her blog posts she sells clothing. Workout clothing to be exact and well I’ve fallen in love with it.
I’ve been ordering clothing from her non-stop. As in I just placed my third order in like a week. Yeah I have a problem. But, I love the clothes.
I’ve recently gotten a pair of sweat pants that are amazingly comfy and a sweatshirt that I think I want to live in permanently. As well as the sweats I’ve ordered several tank tops. All of the clothes have some message written on it. Some are funny, some are inspirational, and others are to get you moving and stop making excuses. Along with the saying they also all include #icandoit Which is awesome because it’s a constant reminder that yes I can do it. Not only can I do it but I will.
So be sure to check out her website right here. also be sure to check her out on Facebook and like her page. There’s even sale going on right now you may still be able to get in on if you hurry.
Oh another awesome thing about her she sends you a card with your order and writes you a personalized note. Yeah that’s what’s up. I love your message and products Andrea.



And, that my friends is just some of the loot I’ve gotten I should have a new shipment arriving the end of the week. Can’t wait for it.