Because, I Didn’t Have Enough To Do

I’m leaving early Thursday afternoon to head home to NY for 10 days, and well I’m super excited about it. Of course with leaving I’ve got a ton of things to take care of here at the house. You know the norm, taking care of any bills running those last-minute errands and packing.

Packing is the challenging thing right now. I’m packing for a wedding, skiing, a weekend in the city, and of course several days in upstate NY. Needless to say there is a lot of stuff to remember and it is currently in different piles all over my house.

Then, today I get thrown a curveball. The realtor calls and wants to show the house on Wednesday. Ughhhh! I ask if Thursday is a possibility it turns out it is not, and so now everything is getting shifted ahead a day and well tomorrow and Wednesday morning are going to be a lot of running around and busy busy busy days. But, hey hopefully they love the house, put an offer in, and I can move back to the beach. We shall see.

Hope your Monday has been good to you.