Need A Full Body Workout Try This

Tonight I installed a rear facing child seat into my car. Want or need a full body workout? Install a freaking child seat into your car. Good grief. Forward facing is a whole lot easier than this rear facing nonsense. 

I’m not sure why all car seat manufacturers don’t make all of their seats with the easy latch installation. You know the ones Click Click Push. This feature is usually only found on the more expensive seats. Well great. Sometimes you need a spare seat and really don’t want to shell out $100’s for that. So you get latch but it is far from the Click Click Push. No it’s struggle to get it clipped and then it’s a feat in strength getting it tight enough. 

Let’s just say this installing this seat with the latch I had all my weight in the seat, I was pulling the strap tight through the belt path, and then yanking on the latch strap to get it tight enough. And, forget about getting the actual seatbelt to be tight enough in rear facing position. Well you can if you have a ratcheting piece, which I didn’t. 

Seriously, this is when I wish the husband was home because I’m pretty sure he would of gotten it tight a lot faster than I did. I’ve decided that the seat will be staying in the car and not removed for a while. 

On the plus side it’s a lightweight seat as in weighs maybe 10 pounds and also can fit 3 across the backseat, which is nice because even with the seat in the car you can still fit 2 adults in the backseat comfortably. Well if the seat was in the middle position. Unfortunately, my car doesn’t allow for the use of latch in the middle position so it would be a bit more cramped right now in the backseat. I’ll be looking for the seatbelt ratchet thing to allow for middle position use. 

But seriously, after I was finished I had broken a bit of a sweat and was beyond glad to be done with it. 

So thank you car seat for the full body workout I was not planning on tonight.