Can We Say Jello?

OMG!!!! Today was Day 3 workout of Phase 1 of Metabolic Aftershock l, and all I can say is Holy Crowbar!!!

It was 15 minutes of heavy concentration on the legs. Bulgarian Split Squats, Lunges, and more Squats, oh and some staggered push-ups just to torture you a little. 

By the second round I wasn’t sure if my legs were going to hold out l, and I’m doing the beginner modifications. Good gracious I couldn’t even imagine doing the normal or yet alone more advanced versions. I’d be on the floor before round 1 was done. 

Let’s just say there was lots of resting for me on this particular workout, but that’s okay. That’s kind of the point of the workout. Work as hard as you can and rest as much as you need to so that you can work as hard as you need to. I’m glad I don’t have another one of these workouts until Monday though because I’m pretty sure I’m going to be feeling this one for a day or 2. 

I followed up the Jello leg inducing workout with 9 minutes on the treadmill which at first I was like I’m never going to make it through this, but once I got started I made it through. Oh, and big breakthrough for me. Cover. The. Time. I have a tendency to stare at the time on the treadmill and say oh 5 minutes left, now it’s 4.5. Yeah that is so not good and I’m usually like oh my this is so slow I’ll never make it. However, today I threw my towel over the time so I couldn’t see it and just went off my music. I listened to 2 songs figuring that would be at least 7+ minutes and then checked the time. I was right. When I checked the time I had less than 90 seconds of my treadmill sentence left. Let’s just say it went by way faster and I didn’t feel like I wasn’t going to make it through. So note to self. Hide. The. Time. 

Ahhhhhh, and now to enjoy the weekend. Of course it’s supposed to continue raining. It’s been raining for days here. And I mean days. Not sure what we will be doing for the weekend as there are tons of things going on in the area but they all take place outdoors and with the weather the way it is none of them will be that fun. 

Hope wherever you are the weather is splendid for a fun filled spring weekend.