We made progress today in that we have gotten the attached garage cleaned up and organized. 

And, this means my treadmill is now in the garage and I can start using it again. Still am not cleared to run but I’ll be able to do some power walking. 

Whooooo I’m pretty excited about it. 

Will It Ever End

I’m happy to report that I unpacked the last box today. Well the last box that was in the house. There are still tons of boxes in the garage left to put away and find homes for.
Of course I say the last box has been unpacked, but that doesn’t account for all of the stuff that is placed on every surface in the house that has yet to find a home. I’m hoping to put a major dent in those piles after dinner tonight.
I will say we’ve been here 8 days and we are moving right along with the unpacking and getting settled in here. I’ve been cracking the whip so to speak with my husband keeping him on task so that we can get this done. Because, he fails to remember that yes, he’s off for the next 6 weeks but he will not be home for 4 of those weeks due to a class and family obligations. So yes dear time is a ticking and I’m not living in chaos and clutter while you’re gone. So put it away or it’ll be gone when you get back. Ahhhh the joys of moving.

Monday It’s Back To The Routine

I’ve been off my routine for way to long. And, it’s time to get my butt back into gear and get moving again. Tomorrow, I’ll spend the day running around getting some needed items for the house and setting up the office. And, well that’s going to be a several hour job. It’s looking pretty scary in there. This could also be because my husband started to unpack things and put them well anywhere he could find a surface to put them on. So yeah, thanks honey you’ve just created way more work for me. Thank you for that. The living room is finished the spare bedroom needs linens put on the bed which means I need to wash them as they were in storage and just came out. I also need to bundle up all of the luggage and go store it in one of the garages. I just haven’t decided which one yet. I have a box to empty in the bedroom that I’ll be doing as soon as I finish this post which will be the last of the bedroom stuff. So, I’m confident by tomorrow night I’ll have all the boxes unpacked the rooms set up and be able to get into a normal routine. The only thing that will be left to do in the house will be to hang up pictures and artwork. Which that is the husbands job and he will be on it Monday wether he wants to or not.
I need to call the gym and get their rates as they are only a couple of blocks from the house. And, depending on the price I’ll either join or be schlepping myself to one of the many gyms on base. We shall see. But, I do know this Shaun T and I have a date on Monday.

Lots Of Running Around

Today was a day filled with running around and getting things for the house.
Mainly food and lights. Well food because a girl has got to eat. I hit up Fresh Market and Whole Foods for some gluten-free necessities. The big one bread and a close second veggie burgers.
Now as for lights well this house has none. It’s all about floor and table lamps in this house apparently. So, yeah we looked but haven’t found any we like yet. So the search will continue and for now there are some dark rooms in this house.
Even with all of the running around was able to get the dining room set up. Well it’s set up except I have no idea where all of the wine and liquor is going to go now that we do not have a built in bar in the house. My husband said in a closet, uhmmmm Honey have you not noticed how packed the closets are. There is no room for anything else in them yet alone several boxes of booze.
The living room is starting to have some progress as well. The entertainment center is set up the furniture is arranged and now it’s just unpacking the boxes of stuff and finding homes for it all. I have a feeling stuff will be going to storage.
I’m hoping that tomorrow the living room will be completely unpacked and I can start on the guest bedroom. Which this will be the quickest and easiest room to set up. It’s essentially set up the bed and arrange the furniture where I want it to go. And, well then it’s done. I’ll be extremely happy if I can get those 2 rooms done tomorrow because then that just leaves the office left to set up and well that’s going to take a bit of time to finish. But, here’s hoping by Monday I have a box free home.