Back On Track

Today, was the first day in a few that I feel like I’m back on track and following my workout plan. I did my workouts and even added time to my treadmill time. I did a full hour on the treadmill, and followed that up with 20 minutes of yoga. I also have started to continue with my push-up progression. I’m now doing 2 sets of 25 wall push-ups, and well my arms are like limp noodles, and those 2 sets made the arms burn. I think it might be a little while before I reach 1 set of 50 wall push-ups.

Of course I finally get back on track with the working out, and now I think I’m coming down with a cold. I have been tied and worn down the last few days, and today I woke up after 12 hours of sleep and lounging around, still feeling a bit tired and a sore throat.

I’m hoping by staying active, getting plenty rest, consuming liquids, and eating right, I’m hoping that I’ll kick this cold in the butt.

Happy Wednesday everyone.