Getting My Move On

As, you know if you follow my blog I’ve been doing T25, and I’m loving it. Okay, I’m usually cursing Shaun T for all 25 minutes, but when it’s done I’m loving it. I know I’ll be seeing results I mean I’m already doing better with each workout so I know I’m improving. Which is all I can ask and hope for.
Well, along with this I’ve been doing a 2-3 mile walk/run with the dogs most days since the weather here in Wyoming has been resembling something like Spring. I of course have continued to do all my weird little tricks I’ve found to get more steps in. Including writing my blogs while I walk around my house, which I’m currently doing now. I’ve also been hitting it hard with Leslie Sansone. I’ve been doing her HIIT training workouts. Radio Hits and Party Songs. I love them 45 minutes goes by fast and I definitely get a good sweat going. I’ve also been doing her 5 Mega Miles and 4 Mile Power walk and let me tell you both of them get the heart going. I’ve been doing a lot of working out at least 90 minutes of pretty high intensity exercise every day and I’m loving it. I look forward to it. Of course I always have those days where I just don’t want to start but once I do I plow through the workouts and feel great.
So yeah, I’m loving all the moving I’m doing. I’m of course already working on my plan for when I head to NY and how I’ll get all my steps and exercising in. It’ll happen because I’m not quoting now.
So i am getting my move on and I hope you are as well.

Walking Videos Who Knew

I did my first walking video on Sunday. There are plenty of them out there, I just was never really interested in them. On Sunday, I was feeling absolutely, positively sick, so I did nothing but lay in bed until 4:30 in the afternoon. So needless to say I was nowhere near reaching my daily step goal. I knew that I didn’t want to not reach my goal, and really it wouldn’t take more than an hour. And, well I feel much better after exercising usually, so I decided I’d get up and move.

I have seen lots of people talking about walking videos on the various Fitbit groups I belong to on Facebook. I’ve seen them on YouTube and decided why not give it a try. I found several Leslie Sansone videos on YouTube and decided to give one a try. I did her advanced 5 mile walk that was a little over an hour. Let me tell you it was actually quite enjoyable. You don’t just walk in place for the entire time she does different stepping moves, sidesteps, kicks, hamstring curls, and she even adds some resistance into the walks so you’re working your upper body.

Now, I love my treadmill, but this video was just something a little different and a nice change from busting out an hour-long walk on the treadmill. It’s definitely something that I will be doing again. Plus, I’m happy to know that they are something that I can enjoy, because when I travel there isn’t always a treadmill available, and with these videos I can work out in my hotel room, or wherever I am and still stay on top of my exercise regimen.

I like having workouts that are portable because I’m really concerned about falling out of the habit of working out, and when traveling that’s when it will happen. So Leslie Sansone walking videos are pretty awesome, not something that I would want to do every day, but definitely something that I can use as a substitute or just something different when I need it. Here’s the video I did if you want to check it out, or you can click on the member and find other videos by Leslie Sansone if you’re not quite up to doing 5 miles. Enjoy!