Getting This Eating Under Control

Today is Day 5 of my Whole 30 and I can say I definitely am feeling some changes. My skin was clearing up but I got my monthly visitor so I’ve had a few bits of acne pop up. My joints aren’t feeling as swollen, which is nice because my knees have been bothering me a lot. I’m still feeling tired and having difficulty falling asleep, but I think the whole falling asleep thing is just because my mind is racing with all of the things I need to get done in this house. I need to learn to shut the brain off. The biggest change is I’m not hungry nor am I snacking between meals. I need to remember this that eating whole real good food results in me eating way less then when I eat crap food. 

It’s hot here in VA so basically all of my cooking has been done on the grill as I want nothing to do with starting my oven. The house is hot enough without the added heat from the oven. 

Today I tried out 2 new recipes. I made a watermelon cucumber mint salad to go with my lunch, and it was delicious. It is definitely going to be a go to summer salad for me. The second was balsamic lemon Rosemary grilled chicken. Holy cow it is awesome. So tasty lots of flavor. Another way I will be making grilled chicken. I have a new chicken burger recipe planned for dinner tomorrow night which I’m super excited about. 

Seriously, if you think it’s hard to eat clean it’s not. There are so many amazing recipes out there and a lot of them are easy and not very time consuming. 

I mean the salad I made it was 5 minutes of prep work and the chicken was like 2 minutes of prep work. I did have to do the prep a bit in advance as the chicken needed to marinate and you want the flavors to meld together, but overall time you have to put into it not much at all. 

Now, does the chicken take longer to cook then say running through the drive thru yes absolutely but at least you know what you are getting when you cook it at home. 

And, I’m enjoying watermelon lime infused water. 

Here and here are the recipes I used for today’s yumminess. 
Enjoy your weekend.