A Little Like Winter

Today it actually snowed!!!! I know you’re probably thinking well it is January 17th. And, yes it is but it’s been crazy warm here, like so warm that we need to mow the lawn, my rose bush has roses on it, the hydrangeas have bloomed in front of the house, I’ve been wearing flip flops and tee shirts. So yeah it snowed today, not that it stuck or anything but still there was snow falling from the sky. The best part they were mutant snow flakes. Like the size of golf balls size flakes.   

 Not that you can really tell but they were HUGE flakes of snow. 

So with that I decided I’d embrace the snow and do a new Jamicure.  

 Let It Snow with Barely Blue. 

Happy Day 2 of the 3 day weekend. 


Still Wet Out

Today there wasn’t much for rain, but we had cooler temperatures and wind. 

Oh yeah and our street is flooded again. After tonight we should be good with the flooding as the tides are lowering and the weather is supposed to turn as in we will actually maybe see the sun at some point tomorrow. 

I like the sound of that. 

Stepping In The Water

We’ve been getting hammered with coastal flooding the last few days. Luckily our house stayed dry. Today our street flooded more than the past few days and the water made it to the garage door. We sandbagged it and it didn’t come up to much and glad to say no water came in. 

 The start of the flooding

Our beach was a churning as the tide was rolling in. 

Getting higher

Making the best of the flooding. Kayak party anyone? Oh you didn’t know we had a lake in the neighborhood.


 Our dogs were enjoying our new riverfront property. 

And the water has made its way all the way up our driveway. 

It’s finally starting to go down but the street is still a bit of a river. Hopefully by morning it’ll be back to a road instead of a river. 


So Joaquin may or may not be making his way towards us this weekend. 

I live a block and a half from the ocean. So, the husband and I are doing a little prepping. 

We headed on over to the store and picked up cases of water because we can always use that. Along with the water we picked up some canned goods. Not a ton but a few things. We have a freezer full of meat so we will be eating that as it thaws if the power does go out. 

We have the generator and will be keeping on an eye on the track of the storm and if it looks like it’s coming this way we will go fill all of the gas cans and the vehicles so that we are ready and prepared for any loss of electricity. 

Tomorrow we will be getting the garage cleaned out so that we can get my car into it. As we have some big trees in our yard and by being in the garage hopefully we won’t sustain any damage although it could come down on the roof and collapse on my car so there really is no guarantee. 

We have insurance for a reason. 

Anyone else in possibly the path of Joaquin?

It’s Time

The weather the last few days has been amazing. The temps here have been in the 70-80’s with a few days of 60’s thrown in. 

With these warmer temperatures it’s time to get my ass back on track and get int he best shape I can for the summer. I won’t be able to do as much as I was before the knee injury but I need to find a way to be more active and get over being bummed and pissed about this injury and be proactive instead of wallowing in it self-pity. 

I was doing so well and all the progress I had made I’ve undone with poor choices. So I’m getting my head out of my ass and back on track. It’s time to continue on the journey. 

It’s Just A Little Snow

Okay, so I know I had promised you an update on the leg, however, I need to rant. And, well this rant won’t wait till tomorrow. 

This morning my phone was going off like crazy to let me know there was a winter weather storm advisory. The best part for half an inch. Well, the storm started earlier than they were predicting, like 4 hours earlier than they predicted. And, well I’m thinking we are getting a bit more than that half an inch. I already have an inch outside my house. 

And, well of course with the slightest bit of snow and people here go stupid. I don’t know why they can’t drive in the snow. The snow wasn’t sticking to the roads as I was trying to get home this afternoon. I wasn’t even using my windshield wipers unless I was stopped at a light and then I’d just hit them once. So yeah not really much of a snow storm. I’d call it a snow shower. Here though the way people are driving you’d think it was the blizzard to end all blizzards. I was 6 miles from home it took an hour and a half to get home. 

Why, you ask. Yeah, I was asking that too. Are you serious people it’s just a little snow. Drive like a normal person, and don’t drive like an a$$hole and you’ll be fine. Apparently, that’s to difficult for people because there were accidents everywhere which of course screwed with my drive home. 

Of course traffic is all sorts of jacked and then people make it worse. Look I get it you want to get home, but stop driving through the intersection when it’s clearly not moving and wait for the next cycle. Because, now you’ve just made it so that no one can move in the intersection. Common sense people let’s use it. 

I’m also thinking that to pass you drivers test you must be able to demonstrate that you can handle driving in any driving condition and this most definitely includes snow. 

The best part about all of this is we are supposed to get, according to the weathermen on tv anyway a significant storm on Thursday. Of course this storm is calling for anywhere from half an inch to 10 inches. That’s a bit of a big difference in totals. We shall see what happens. I of course have 2 doctor appointments on Thursday which I’m sure they will either cancel or I’ll be calling to cancel since I don’t want to be anywhere around people driving on the roads here if snow is falling. 

Tomorrow there will be a full update on the leg.