Week 16 Recap

With Sunday being the end of month 4 and doing the recap, I usually do the weekly recap on Monday, but I was so excited about my t-shirt that I forgot.

So the results for week 16:

  • 87,998 steps
  • 12,645 daily steps average
  • 20,720 calories burned
  • 2,984 daily average calories burned
  • 39.14 miles
  • 5.62 daily average miles
  • 8 hours 18 minutes very active
  • 74 minutes very active daily average
  • 9,578 calorie deficit
  • 0.4 pounds lost

It was a pretty good week stats wise, I did find myself kind of dragging when it came to motivate myself to workout, but once I started I completed it and sometimes with some extra.

Here’s to a great upcoming week.

Week 15 Recap

This week has been a so-so week for me. I found myself at the beginning of the week adjusting my workouts to account for things that came up in life, but even with this I was still active, got my 10,000 steps in and did exercise. I also was feeling completely exhausted, and then was hit with chest congestion and coughing fits.  This if course turned out to be another respiratory infection, which I am now currently being treated for. I want this thing under control, well completely gone would be even better for my upcoming trip to NY.

So between life and getting sick my exercise routine definitely suffered. I shortened or modified a lot of them. I didn’t run once this week. Which means this coming week is going to be a bit difficult, but I’ll get through it.

And, now for the stats:

  • 85,539 steps
  • 12,461 daily average steps
  • 20,099 calories burned
  • 2,944 daily average calories burned
  • 37.30 miles
  • 5.44 daily average miles
  • 6 hours 10 minutes very active
  • 54 minutes daily average very active
  • 7,836 calorie deficit
  • 1 pound lost

This week was the first week since I started this journey that I had days where I did not meet all of my fitbit goals. I had 2 days this week where I did not get 30 active minutes. Of course I made up for this on other days, but still a bit bummed about it.

Here’s to a better week.

Week 13 Recap

This week has been a productive week. The husband came home and I’ve still continued to eat within my meal plan, and do all of my planned exercise. I’ve had to adjust my workouts and times doing them a little this week, but it’s been an eye opener for me to know that even with the change in plan I still find a way to get it done.

I’m a little disappointed because this week I didn’t see a change on the scale, but I know that I’m losing inches so I’m becoming healthier and fitter even if the scale isn’t moving. I’m hoping that I can get the metabolism going this week and see a change in the scale next week. I am not going to let this discourage me that’s for sure. I like this new me that works out and has more energy. I may not always want to start the workout, but once I start I’m in it and glad that I’ve done it.

And, now for the stats:

  • 87,139 steps
  • 12,016 daily average steps – up 12% from last week!
  • 21,165 calories burned
  • 3,018 daily average calories burned
  • 38.28 miles
  • 5.29 daily average miles
  • 7 hours and 32 minutes of very active activity
  • 62 minutes daily average of active activity
  • 10,419 calorie deficit

Even though the number on the scale didn’t change my stats are looking pretty awesome, and I know that I’ve been working hard and will continue to do so.

Week 12 Recap

Since yesterday, I posted my 3 month Recap I decided today I’d give you my weekly stats.

  • 75,403 steps
  • 10,668 daily average steps
  • 19,392 calories burned
  • 2,809 daily average calories burned
  • 33.25 miles
  • 4.73 daily average miles
  • 8 hours 30 minutes very active
  • 71 minutes daily average very active
  • 9,655 calorie deficit
  • 1.2 pounds lost

Overall a pretty good week. I wish I has been a bit more motivated. I think it’s the weather that’s socked it to my motivation. I’ve been getting all of my workouts in and my 10,000 steps, but not much more than that. I’m just kind of happy to curl up on the couch and do nothing. Which, is not a good thing. I’m tired of the wind, cold, and snow. I’m hoping I can step it up this week, although, if today is any indication then I’m in for another unmotivated week.

Weekly Recap 11

I just finished week 11. Crazy, it doesn’t seem all that long ago that I started on this journey, but I’m now starting on my finally week of month 3.

My motivation has returned for the most part this week, but I’m not doing things and accomplishing them as early in the day as I would like. I think I’m going to have to start setting an alarm again and just getting up when it goes off. On days when I do need to get up and get going, I do and I’m just a lot more satisfied and happier with myself when I get things out-of-the-way earlier.

Even though I’ve found myself getting going later and later in the day I’ve had a great week when it comes to moving, and well that has a lot to do with my friends on Fitbit. I’ not going to lose that top spot so if that means I need to walk 15,000 steps today to take over the leaderboard than I will.

  • 82,887 steps
  • 11,585 daily average steps
  • 15,156 steps in a day
  • 20,323 calories burned
  • 2,966 daily average calories burned
  • 3,204 calories burned in a day
  • 36.37 miles
  • 5.09 miles daily average
  • 9 hours and 48 minutes of very active activity
  • 81 minutes daily average of active activity
  • 2 hours 28 minutes of very active activity in one day
  • 7,654 calorie deficit
  • lost 0.8 pounds

Wasn’t a huge weight loss this week and I’m a little bummed about it, but it is also that time of the month where I normally gain weight so, nearly a pound lost is something I’ll take.

When I had started this journey 11 weeks ago I had set a goal weight for myself for January 1st and although I’m not going to make it, I still need to lose another 7.2 pounds I’m okay with that. It was a bit ambitious it was 29 pounds in 11.5 weeks, and no that’s not something that isn’t obtainable, but it was a lot. I’m actually happier with not reaching the goal, because I know that I am losing weight at a healthy rate. I’m averaging about 2 pounds a week which is within healthy standards, and I don’t want to do this the unhealthy way. So I’ve set myself a new goal which is 7 weeks away which is also my cousin’s wedding. And, I’ve added a bit to the current goal that was to expire on the first, and we will see if I reach that goal. I know that I will reach my first weight loss goal, it’s just not going to happen on the first and that’s ok. Because well I’ve accomplished a lot of goals on this journey already.

I’m excited to see what my results will be for week 12.

Week 9 Recap

This week has been rough for me.  My motivation has been nonexistent. I’ve been doing all of my planned exercise and activity. I’m just dragging ass about doing it. I’ve been getting out of bed later and later it seems and getting done with my workouts later and later. Tomorrow, the alarm will be set and I’ll get my butt up and moving. Hopefully with the alarm set I’ll be able to motivate. I do have some household stuff that needs to get done that I’ve been putting off.

Ready. Set. Motivate.

And, ad, now for the weekly stats

  • 71,892 steps
  • 10,017 daily average steps
  • 19,981 calories burned
  • 2,896 daily average calories burned
  • 31.68 miles
  • 4.43 daily average miles
  • 8 hours 7 minutes very active
  • 72 minutes daily average very active
  • 2 days this week with over 100 minutes of being very active
  • 10,099 calorie deficit
  • 1.6 pounds lost

Even though I haven’t been that motivated I still had a great week. My active minutes are way up and there was another loss on the scale.

My mantra for Week 10 is MOTIVATION!

Week 8 Recap

I know this recap is a day late, but I wanted to recap my second month on this journey. I’ll be interested to see what I think of these recaps in a few months. I think that I’ll be amazed by how far I’ve come and the things that I’ve accomplished along the way.

Week 8 was rough, I’ve been feeling under the weather and therefore not very motivated to get up and move. And, well today I went to the doctor and I have an Upper Respiratory Infection. This news actually shocked me, because usually when I’m down with a respiratory infection I’m living on my inhaler and breathing treatments. So far so good I haven’t needed either. Maybe it’s the exercise that I’ve been doing and have continued to do even though I feel pretty lousy, either that or it’s just starting. But, either way I got some meds to hopefully clear it up, and I’ll be feeling better in no time.

Anyway, here’s the stats from Week 8

  • 64,497 steps
  • 9,213 daily avg steps
  • 19,856 calories burned
  • 2,837 daily avg calories burned
  • 28.03 miles
  • 4 miles daily avg
  • 5 hours 35 minutes very active – hey I’ll take that since I haven’t felt like being too active lately
  • 48 minutes daily avg very active
  • 9,212 week calorie deficit
  • 2.8 pounds lost

So the numbers this week weren’t as impressive as last, but I met all of my goals and didn’t let not feeling 100% push me off course.

Weekly Recap 5

I had a great week. I upped my daily step goal to 7,000, and even managed to stay on track while traveling and being in a car for 10 hours over 2 days. It’s all about making a plan and sticking to it. Following through on your intentions and striving to meet your goals, and this week I definitely committed to that. I am extremely happy with my week.

  • 62,213 total steps
  • 8,876 daily average steps
  • 20,211 calories burned
  • 2,938 daily average calories burned
  • 27.21 miles walked
  • 3.89 miles daily average
  • 4 hours and 43 minutes of highly active activity
  • 40 minutes daily average of highly active activity
  • 7,966 calorie deficit
  • 1.6 pounds lost

The stat on that list that I’m most excited about is the active minutes. I’m averaging 40 minutes a day, and I don’t even realize half the time the effort I’m putting out. I’m enjoying the exercises that I am doing, and am looking forward to them. Exercise is becoming something I no longer dread. I love this whole being active thing I’ve started to develop.

Weekly Recap 4

Yesterday, I didn’t do my weekly recap, because it was a big day, it marked the end of my first month on this journey.

I thought I’d go over my results from this past week. It was another week where things went well, even though I faced a few challenges. I wasn’t feeling completely motivated on some days, and had to overcome a slight weight gain, although there was a reason behind the slight gain.

I overcame the small obstacles, and powered through the week, and had a successful week. Any week that I stay committed to this new lifestyle is a success.

Here are last weeks stats:

  • 56,464 total steps
  • 7,547 daily average
  • 20,131 calories burned
  • 2,923 daily average calories burned
  • 24.69 miles walked
  • 3.31 daily average miles walked
  • 3 hours 21 minutes of very active activity
  • 27 minutes daily average of very active minutes
  • 8,043 calorie deficit
  • 1.6 pounds lost

Some of these numbers are lower than last week, but still above the goals I had set for myself for the week. I love the fact that I’m finding ways to become more active in my daily life along with incorporating daily workouts into my day.

Weekly Recap Week 3

Week 3 has made me realize that I do have willpower, and that I am committed to making a change in my life. First challenge this week was Halloween, and all of the candy that was in my house, not to mention the candy that is still in my house, and I’ve managed not to sit down with it and gorge on it. Honestly, I don’t even really want it. The second challenge where the willpower was tested was a baby shower.  I managed, actually it wasn’t even that hard to say No, to cake. I’ve been completely gluten-free for 3 weeks now, and I’m loving the changes I’m experiencing.  A piece of cake is not worth feeling crummy for.

Week 3 started with me increasing my daily step goal up to 6,000 steps, and well I think I might have to up it some more. Getting 6,000 steps hasn’t been even a challenge this week. I am constantly finding ways to get more steps in, and getting to the point where I don’t even think about how I’m going to get those steps in. Being active is becoming a way of life for me instead of a chore. I like this change a lot.

And, now for the stats:

  • 59,898 steps this week
  • 8,478 daily average steps
  • 20,329 calories burned
  • 2,964 daily average calories burned
  • 25.97 miles
  • 3.68 daily average miles
  • 2 hours and 9 minutes of very active activity
  • 17 minutes daily average of very active activity
  • 8,976 calorie deficit this week
  • Weight gain of 0.8lbs

The weight gain is something that I’m not happy to see, but I also understand why it has occurred. I’m only a few days out from my monthly visitor, and every month when that occurs I gain a few pounds. So, the fact that it is less then a pound is something I’m okay with. I am confident that next week I will see the difference on the scale. I will not let this little gain deter me or derail me on my journey. I know that I’ve worked hard this week and I will reach my goal in time.