Got To Try Something

I’ve been off the wagon for so long that I’m finding it near impossible to get back on it. 

I was talking to a friend today and I think I might get myself a personal trainer for a bit. I need that person to basically kick my ass and make me do it. If I have someone pushing me to do it I will do it its that whole making myself go and do it that’s the problem. 

I love classes and will start going back to them as I think that will get me going again. And, as fun as classes are I know they aren’t going to completely do the job and I need to do some weight training. And, well I’m lazy when it comes to that stuff I need to get myself in shape and moving. And, well a little kick in the butt never hurt anyone. 

I’m also looking at joining a weight group. Basically as a way to keep myself accountable and checking in with others will be good for me. I’ve done Weight Watchers in the past but just don’t feel that it’s exactly conducive to real life as you’re calculating points. It’s much easier and real world for me to count calories.  The group I’m looking at joining is called TOPS and they don’t have a specific diet or exercise regimine to follow. They support them all and offer healthy recipe ideas, ideas on how to engage in activity, and change your lifestyle. I think that’s what I need and there are several meetings in the area and at different times so I should be able to get to one a week. Also it’s online so I can get some support that way. 

It’s time to get back on the wagon. And, I need the push and help. So why not take advantage of what I’ve found to help myself.