Beta Phase What!!!

I started the Beta Phase of T25 this week. Today was Day 2, and well I’m still breathing so that’s a good thing.
In order to prepare myself for the coming phase I watched the Beta videos on Sunday. I’m not sure if that was a good thing or not. At first I was like yeah I can do this. Of course I wasn’t moving I was just watching them work. Well as the 25 minutes progressed and the people with Shaun T were starting to fall on the floor I began to get nervous. What! If they are struggling I’m screwed.
So, yeah it was good to see what was coming, but of course what I saw pretty much psyched me out.
Monday was a bit rough to get myself motivated to do workout 1. But, I did it. Yes, there was some struggling, but hey I was struggling at the beginning of Alpha too. Today was a little easier, and actually today I wouldn’t say I Nailed It, but I was pretty darn close.
At the end of this 5 week period u think in going to be seriously impressed with myself.
Here’s to Beta Phase of T25!