New Tea

Since doing my Whole 30 back in December I’ve become a tea junkie. I would drink a cup of hot tea in the morning during the winters and add some sort of sweetener to it be it honey or stevia, but on Whole 30 that is a NO NO. Before Whole 30 if drink flavored water again a big NO NO as they all have artificial sweeteners, so I had to come up with fun ways to make drinking water and tea easier for me. Anyway, since the Whole 30 I’ve been drinking tea a lot. And, I don’t even think about adding sweetener to it as I’ve been finding really fun and exciting flavors to try.
My husband looks at me like I have 6 heads when I come home from the store because I usually have at least 1 new box of tea, and well let’s be honest it’s usually more like 2 or 3 new teas. I’m pretty sure the people at the grocery store are starting to wonder what I’m doing with all of this tea.
So, yes I’ve been getting some fun teas and trying them out. Every day it’s a new little surprise. In the last week I’ve bought 2 different coconut flavored ones, sweet coconut Thai and toasted coconut, a chocolate peppermint, salted caramel chai, mint cocoa maki, passion fruit, and then 2 specialty teas, the first is a metabolism boosting tea hot cinnamon ginger it’s awesome and a detoxing tea which I’m not a fan of. I may have to add something to that to make it bearable. I’ll give it another shot tonight and see how it goes, but last night I had to choke it down pretty much. We shall see I may develop a taste for it.
So, yes tea I love all of the crazy flavor combinations you can get and put together. It’s kind of like dessert in a cup, guilt free dessert at that as it has no calories.
I am almost done with my DietBet and was right on track to meet my goal. But, as all females know there is that dreaded time of the month and well thankfully mine came a few days early which means it shouldn’t cause havoc with my official weigh-in I currently have no idea how far from my goal I am since I’ve definitely gained the period weight. And, of course it’s never the same from month to month so I have no idea where I really am and how close I am to reaching goal. I’m hoping by Friday I can be back to normal weight and then work my butt off over the weekend to get to my goal weight. I really want to win this DietBet. Damn being a female sometimes.
Sorry guys for the TMI there but I’m done I promise.
Enjoy your Tuesday.