Fitbit I’m Back!!!

I just purchased the new Fitbit Blaze. I was a big fan of the Fitbit Flex for a long time, and have tried the Garmin Vivoactive, and most recently the Withings Pop Activé. 

When they announced the new Fitbit Blaze I fell in love it had the smart watch capabilities and multi-activity that I loved about the Garmin, but this also has the built in heart rate monitoring, which the Garmin doesn’t have. Although, I guess there is a new Garmin coming out with wrist heart rate monitoring, but I haven’t seen it yet. 

I just got the Blaze today it is currently charging so I’ve yet to test it out. I like that you have the ability to change the bands and even get leather or steel bands that will make it a bit more dressier. I’ve found that this is a big problem with fitness trackers they break up an outfit pretty easily. If I like the Blaze after giving it a test for a while I will definitely be picking up a higher end band to wear on days where I’m at work and running around. I’ll still be taking it off and putting on the nice watch when I’m going out, but it’ll be nice to have a nice looking band to go with my business attire. 

I can’t wait to put this Fitbit to the test and I’m pretty excited about it which will definitely help with my motivation factor to get out and move more. It’s all about getting up and moving. I really need to do that and I want to start run training and by run training I mean fat man jog training but it’s a start. 

Also I like the fact that they’ve incorporated FitStar into their device as well and so now there is no excuse not to workout wherever you are. I like FotStar a lot so I think I’ll get a lot of use out of this feature as well. 

I’ll let you all know in a few weeks what I think of the new Fitbit Blaze. But, I’m sure I’ll be addicted as anything again to the Fitbit and my steps as I once was before. 


Blaze is charging


Blaze band, I’ll be gettig a nicer one if I like it to wear to work.

Happy stepping. 


Trying out the Withings Activité Pop. It’s a watch that is also a fitness tracker. There are no bells and whistles on this tracker. It looks like a watch and has a small dial that shows your steps progress. 

The bands can easily be changed with a spring action release on the band. Extra bands are available in different colors. 

You have to open the app in order to see the exact number of steps you’ve taken as this shows percentage of steps. The dial shows 0-100 and the hand moves throughout the arch as you progress through your step goal. 

However, with the look of this tracker it looks like a watch and can be worn every day and people wouldn’t even know you’re sporting a fitness tracker unless they have the same one or ask about it. 

2 more pluses no charging, it takes a regular watch battery. Whooooo!!! No more lost steps due to charging. Second plus is its waterproof. No need to take it off to shower and you can even wear it while swimming. 

I’ll let you know how I like it in a few weeks as today is my first time wearing it.