Week 14 Recap

So this week has been something. This week brought me my highest step day ever, and also some really lazy feeling days. But, I’ve gotten through it. I may have not wanted to get up and do my workouts, but I did do them, and I met my goals. So, it was a successful week. I don’t know if I had a weight loss or gain this week since I’ve been out of town and am at a hotel there is no scale, and I refuse to bring one with me on a weekend away. So my stats will be missing that, but tomorrow I’ll hop on the scale and see how I did.

And, now for the stats:

  • 88,445 total steps
  • 20,243 steps in one day
  • 12,996 daily average steps
  • 21,120 calories burned
  • 3,104 daily average calories burned
  • 7 hours very active
  • 63 minutes daily average very active
  • 8,931 calorie deficit

Even with several days feeling the lack of motivation I did alright. Now to figure out how I’ll get my steps, and workouts in with a 5 hour car ride. I’ll do it somehow.

Better Day

Today, I’m making up for the crappy two previous days. I worked out this morning, and hit them hard. I did my strength training circuit workout today, and I was in BEAST mode.  Okay, well maybe not full on BEAST mode but definitely a harder hitting mode than I have been in. I did squats, lunges, core work, and arms, intermixed with bursts of cardio. Guess what after the 30 minute session I felt great 🙂

I followed that up with 30 minutes of non-stop aerobics which was a lot of fun and helped get the heart pumping a bit more. I think I like my cardio workouts the best, I always seem to have so much fun with them, and of course I change them up a lot too. No getting bored with them that’s for sure.

Finally I ended my amazing workout session with a 12 minute yoga routine.

So today, I just want you to know I was kicking butt and taking names, and I’m continuing to do so. Here’s hoping tomorrow is amazing as today was. And also running at that faster speed for 10 straight minutes. I’m definitely going to push for it.

Hope your day has been as amazing as mine.

Monthly Recap

Yesterday, was day 28 of this journey, which means I have survived a month of being more active and eating healthier. Therefore, making for a healthier, fitter me.

This month I’ve gone from a daily goal of walking 5,000 steps to today where I’ve increased my daily goal to 7,000 steps. I’ve worked out 24 of the last 28 days, in addition to achieving my step goals.

In the past month I’ve seen my energy increase, found myself making better food choices, have completely excluded gluten, which my doctor is happy about, and have found several little ways to incorporate more activity into my life.

This first month hasn’t been without its struggles. There are days when I don’t want to exercise, but I make myself get up and do it anyway. There is no excuse for not doing other than being lazy.  And, well I don’t want to be lazy anymore. I’ve had a few days where I’ve craved junk, and sometimes I’ve caved, but I’ve kept it in moderation. I measure and weigh things making sure I’m only taking a serving size. Sure, it’s a pain and time-consuming, but not nearly as much of a pain as being overweight is.

Over the last 4 weeks I’ve lost almost an inch off of my body, and well that doesn’t seem like much, and I don’t really notice my clothes fitting, that’s still almost an inch of fat gone from my body. Along with this I’ve lost 8.2 pounds. That’s 2 pounds a week on average. I’m happy with that! I’m working hard to make a change, and sure would I have liked to have lost more pounds and inches, yes, but I also know that I didn’t become this weight overnight, and in no way will I become my goal weight overnight. I will have to work for it.

This first month has been a success and a learning experience. Every day I become a little stronger, fitter, and healthier. Every day I learn something new about myself, and see all the potential that I have. I will be the person I know I am. I’ve survived the first month of the rest of my life and am excited to see what month 2 has in store for me.

To keep myself motivated in the working out department I’ve been making a monthly workout schedule. Everyday has what I plan to do, and well I thought I’d share it with you.

I’ve started over with the Learn 2 Run app at week 6. Since I now have my treadmill I thought it would be best, so that I can start working towards that 10 minute mile. Right now I’m running between 3.5 and 4 mph. And, well that’s not anywhere near 6 mph. So I’m starting back at week 6 where I don’t run for more than 3 minutes at a time so I can start working towards that elusive 6 mph.  I will get it and I will run a 10 minute mile. And, I guarantee you that I will share it with all of you. It will be a proud moment for this girl, who use to cringe at the idea of running, and now I look forward to my training days.

So here’s to month 1 and onto month 2.