I’m A Bit Tired

I was an active little bee today. I woke up did my Double Day T 25, followed by a 15 minute mile walk.  Since the weather was amazing this morning I decided to soak up some Vitamin D and get the dogs some exercise by doing a 4.5 mile walk with them at the park.

After returning home I did a 30 minute Leslie Sansone video before eating lunch. A few hours after lunch I did 90 minutes of aerobics and well after that I’m feeling exhausted. I was really trying to get my 40,000 step badge today,but it’s not happening. I worked out hard, and to get that 40,000 step badge I think I might have to take it a bit slower. I’m ready for bed, I’m finishing this post and that’s exactly what I will be doing. Sleeping, and giving these legs of mine a rest.

Not only did I do insane amounts of working out today, I also made all of the salads, side dishes, and desserts for the BBQ I’m having at my house. Yeah, don’t ask I’m not sure how I managed to do all of this either. But, hey I did and it’s not like I didn’t get a ton of steps in. I mean check it out for yourself.


I mean those stats are pretty impressive. Look at those active minutes and calories burned. I love days like this, and well I know tomorrow I will be noshing on some yummy, tasty BBQ food, so I need to step it up today. I’ll be getting in my steps tomorrow, but I can tell you right now I will not be tracking the food that I am eating like I normally do. It’s ok, I know I just need to eat the goodness that is BBQ fare in moderation, and well then I can try a bit of everything.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!